Wedding venues in the Costa Blanca

Wedding venues in Spain - Costa Blanca

We carefully select the best wedding venues in the Costa Blanca, which are amongst the best wedding venues in Spain.

Each of our selected venues is unique, and offers excellent service and great value for money! 

We've selected the best wedding venues in each category, from the beach to seafront, romantic, private, castle, garden and even onboard.

Even though the choice of venue is one of the most important decisions to make, it's not the most important one

What's the point of choosing a beautiful venue, when the planning and organisation are not perfect, the service is terrible, the catering substandard, etc.?
At Costa Blanca Events, we very carefully select the best venues in the region.
We investigate each new venue and submit them to various tests before we start working with them.
That's how we know that each of our venues will 'say what they do, and do what they say', which is our motto too

Whether your dreaming of a small, intimate wedding or a big fancy wedding, we have the right venue for your dream wedding in Spain.

In this topic, we'll discuss the various types of venues, each with their advantages and things to consider.

Below also find a link to an extensive photo gallery, with lots of images of each venue.

In the gallery, the first image of each venue is marked with 1, 2 or 3 Euro signs.

These signs represent an indication of the cost of your wedding when choosing this venue, one being the cheapest, 3 the most expensive.

The difference in cost between venues can have 3 reasons ;

  • Rent price
  • Essential decorations or lighting
  • Catering.

There are also 2 types of venues ;

  • Ones that have internal catering.
  • Ones for which we need to contract external catering.

On average, venues which require external catering will be more expensive for smaller ( up to 60 persons ) groups.

The reason is that an external catering company has to transport and create an on-site kitchen, kitchen staff, waiters, etc.

For larger groups, the price is usually very comparable. 

The advantage of external catering is that you can choose between any of the 3 catering companies we work with.

The total cost of a wedding in a venue with internal catering is usually cheaper for groups up to 50 persons.

Finally, we also have a few 'all-in-one' venues where we can offer accommodation and wedding all in one place.

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is not a simple thing, which is why we've created a separate topic to help you to make the right decision.

But nothing beats the personal advice from a wedding planner, who knows all the venues.

So, why not make an appointment now for a no-obligation video call.

We'll listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and help you to make the right decisions based on preferences, budget, etc.

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Best wedding venues in Spain - Costa Blanca

The best wedding venues are generally spoken the those that former wedding couples have reviewed after their wedding.

That is why reviews are so critical.

At Costa Blanca Events, we very carefully select the venues we offer to our wedding couples.

How do we do that?

When we receive a mail of a new venue or a venue who wants to start working with us, a rigorous selection process begins.

The first step is to check if our couples could be interested in the venue since by experience, we know which types are requested or selected.

A critical condition is the proximity of neighbours, and the subsequent risk of complaints if a wedding party continues into the early hours.

Then we check with colleague wedding planners if they've worked with the venue, and if so, what were their experiences.

The next step is to send them a few anonymous info requests and see how they respond to 'out-of-the-box' questions and requests.

If that all checks out, we plan a personal visit and meeting with the owner.

He needs to be eager to work with us and to go the extra mile.

Able and willing to offer the quality of service and flexibility we want.

Then, and only then, we will include him in our selection.

But each venue and vendor knows that if they fail, even once, they're out! 

And when they haven't been selected for several years, they need to go through the process again.

We choose our venues with great care because we know they will be the decor for your dream wedding.

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How to choose your wedding venue

The choice of venue is very personal. 

Beach, seafront, finca, hotel or castle, large or small, possibility to celebrate the wedding outdoors, type and level of catering, the estimated number of guests, and so on.

We always recommend to - if possible - make an appointment with us for a personal visit to our venues.

However, we know that due to travel requirements, that's not always possible.

That's why we've created an extensive photo gallery of each of our venues. 

Each gallery shows actual photos of weddings we have done there.

The next step is usually a video call with us.

During the call, we listen to your ideas and preferences and answer your questions.

Based on this info, we can show you the venues that are most suitable for your dream wedding.

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Romantic wedding venues in Spain - Costa Blanca

Some venues are romantic by nature, and they don't need a lot of decorations.

Usually, however, they're like a blank canvas, on which we create the theme, style, look and feel according to your wishes and preferences.

Decorations, lighting and settings all play a vital role in creating the right backdrop for your dream wedding in Spain.

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Photogallery of our venues

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Private wedding venues in Spain - Costa Blanca

Bride and father of the bride walking on the driveway of a private wedding venue in Spain

Privacy is very important during a wedding, but the level of privacy depends on your choice of venue and number of guests. 

Venues that are rented exclusively, like a finca or a castle, for example, are always private.

But wedding dinners in hotels or restaurants may not be 100% private, especially if you're a small group.

But in such case, we do require the venue to maintain sufficient distance between the wedding and regular clients.

Beaches are never private since they're protected by law.

But if you choose one of our beach venues, the level of privacy will depend on the size of your guest list, unless you pay an extra fee to obtain 100% exclusivity.

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Small wedding venues in Spain - Costa Blanca

Composition photo of weddings in small venues

What is 'a small wedding'? 

Spanish weddings are typically over 100 guests, so anything less would be a small wedding.

Destination weddings on average are typically between 50 to 100 guests.

A small destination wedding is between 2 ( just for 2 weddings) and 30 persons in total 

The number of guests of course also determines which venue(s) are suitable.

Fortunately, with our wide choice of venues, we can offer a perfect one ( or more ) for any size of the wedding.

The smaller the wedding, the harder it will be however to have the venue exclusive, unless you're willing to pay the bonus to have a bigger venue exclusive.

If so, why not have a look at our 'Exquisit wedding arrangement'?

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Spanish style wedding venues

Composition image of spanish style venues and weddings

A Spanish style wedding venue refers to a finca, a cottage, farmhouse or estate on rural or agricultural land, so they're usually inland.

Spain has a lot of fincas, and some of them can be rented as a wedding venue.

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Photo gallery of our venues:

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Wedding venues in Spain on the beach

Photo of a ceremony of a couple getting married in Spain on the beach

Getting married in Spain on the beach is a dream for many wedding couples, but it's not for everyone.

The choice of venue is more than 'the location' it's also the basis for the style of wedding.

Organising a very formal wedding on a beach is almost impossible.

Organising a very informal wedding in a high-end posh venue is equally impossible.

By definition, a beach venue has some limitations.

Toilets are in no way comparable to toilets in 'regular' venues.

Driving the ceremonial car right up to the aisle is usually impossible.

Ladies wearing high heels may find that to be a challenge on a sandy beach ( offering flip flops to them can solve that )

Dancing on sand is not as comfortable as on a regular dance floor.

Finally, in most civilised countries, the beaches are public domain, no one can claim a beach for a private event.

Accommodation is rarely within walking distance, so transportation is required.

That being said, our Exclusive Paradise Cove beach venue offers a perfect balance between these restrictions and a fairy tale dream wedding.

But we also have some stunning seafront or sea view venues.

They have all the advantages of a beach venue but without the limitations.

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Wedding villas in Spain

Bird view of a wedding in a private villa in Spain

Are there any villas in Spain for weddings?
Actually, finding a holiday villa which has all the permits to organise a wedding into the early hours is probably impossible.
We've organised over 500 weddings in this region, and we don't know of any such holiday villas.
Admittedly, there are holiday villas with sufficient beds for 10 or more people, and with a terrace for 50 or more people.
Problem is that often the rental contract does not allow the use of the villa for weddings and events.
Even if the owner allows it, there may be tens or hundreds of neighbours which will not be enthusiastic about a dance party into the early hours.
At least one of them will surely call the police once it's 10 PM and music is no longer allowed.
Obtaining a night license from the town hall is impossible.
Taking the risk is something that we, as wedding planners, won't do, the risk is simply too high.
But even if you find a suitable villa, there are a few more things to think about ;

  • Are the roads leading up to the villa accessible by bus, or if guests are arriving by car, is there enough parking space. 
  • Can the catering company, or rental equipment company's van reach the villa 
  • Are there enough toilets for your number of guests? If not, renting mobile toilets is recommendable.
  • Are there enough tables, chairs, plates, cutlery, glasses, ...? if not, they must be rented.
  • Self-catering is stressful, an external caterer must comply with the food safety regulations, bring the necessary equipment and staff. 
  • Last but certainly not least, are you able and willing to cope with the stress of organising the wedding?

Holiday rental villas would typically only be an option for weddings up to about 30, max 50 guests.
But given the reduced number of guests, all the above costs will result in a total cost superior to the one you would pay in a wedding venue. 
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Castle wedding venues

Composition photo of the castle and one of the ceremony places of one of our wedding castle venues

Our 18th-century Spanish castle wedding venue is truly breathtaking! Situated on a vast estate with a choice of 6 different zones, so you can choose a separate zone for the ceremony, drinks reception, and dinner.

With each new part of the wedding day, your guests will be astonished.

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Wedding hotel venues Spain - Costa Blanca

Composition photo of a wedding dinner in one of our wedding hotel venues

At Costa Blanca Events, we very carefully select only those wedding hotels which are genuinely unique.

The advantage of a hotel venue is that it's an all-in-one venue.

The hotel will also offer accommodation for the majority, if not all, of your guests.

This creates a very relaxed atmosphere for the wedding since guests can quickly go to their room if they've forgotten something.

It's also economical since no transport is required.

We only select those wedding hotel venues that offer an almost absolute level of privacy for the wedding.

Without any regular hotels guests walking about.

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Tropical garden venue

Photoshoot with a wedding couple in our tropical garden venue

A wedding in a tropical garden, and you don't have to travel across the globe to do it!

At Costa Blanca Events, we have a stunning tropical garden venue, where you can celebrate the ceremony and the drinks reception.

It's also a backdrop for absolutely amazing photos.

Due to its natural setting, it's usually also a bit cooler within the garden.

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Spanish vineyard wedding venues

Ceremony in a vineyard venue

A vineyard is an original backdrop for a wedding, but it has some limitations.

During the harvest season, a vineyard is very busy, so they don't accept weddings

After the harvest season, the vineyard loses its charm because the vines are trimmed to the max

In the vineyard itself, there are no toilet facilities.

It's often tough to do the build-up of the ceremony, reception etc. due to accessibility problems.

Finally, in the off chance of a forecast of rain, a vineyard does not have a 'plan B.'

These limitations are lifted if you celebrate the wedding in the bodega of the vineyard.

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Yacht weddings in Spain

Composition photo of yacht weddings in Spain

Why not think out-of-the-box and go for a wedding onboard a yacht or a catamaran.

Celebrating a very informal ceremony, while the boat is moored in a romantic bay.

The ceremony, reception, (basic) dinner and even party onboard, yes it's possible.

There are some limitations, however ;

  • The event must end at sunset when the boat must have returned to the harbour.
  • The space is limited
  • Catering is limited due to the available infrastructure
  • By nature, the wedding is informal. 

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Name of the venues

Our policy is to be open and transparent and to provide our wedding couples with all relevant information.

So when we created our wedding planner agency, we placed the names, contact data and relevant information of all our venues, accommodations and vendors on our websites.

As a result, our venues and vendors were overwhelmed with info requests, often in languages, they didn't understand.

That created stress for them, and so they've asked us to handle all info and quotation requests for them.

In compensation, we've negotiated exclusive deals with them.

Since then, our wedding couples no longer have to compare prices, since ours are guaranteed to be the lowest.

So, upon their request, we no longer share their contact data.

Our wedding scripts contain all the relevant information about our venues and vendors.

During a video call, or visit to the venues, we explain the possibilities, options and cost in each of them.

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