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Visit our venues
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Our photo gallery website contains more than 50000 photos, many of them of our venues and accommodations.

But no photo or video can replace the look and feel you're experiencing when you visit the venue or accommodation in person.
That's why we always recommend to - if possible - book a guided visit to our venues and accommodations.
What does the tour include?
We try to adapt as much as possible to your schedule.
Still, if possible, we like to start around 10 in the morning at the meeting point, and we begin with a short talk, so we really get to understand what makes your dream wedding.
In total, we have about 30 venues.
It's not possible to visit them all in one day, nor is there need to, because the venues can be divided into various types.
We never pre-plan a fixed itinerary for the tour. 
Instead, we start at the first venue based on the preferences for your dream wedding, and then based on your evaluation and comments, we select and go to the next one, and so on.
Between venues, you accompany us in our car ( max 3 persons ) so that while driving, we can further answer your questions and give info about our services.
On average, we visit 5-10 venues and/or accommodations.
The tour usually ends around 4 in the afternoon.
At the last venue, we sit down and evaluate the tour, answer your remaining questions, go over the wedding plan and discuss the next steps.

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