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Destination wedding in Spain

Your dream wedding, perfectly planned by your personal, professional wedding planner!
(don't take our word for it, read our reviews).

Congratulations on your engagement, and thanks for considering us.

More info about Costa Blanca Events wedding in Spain?

We're Spain's most experienced, professional wedding planners, with unique venues and contacts to organise an amazing destination wedding for you.

Here is a short review of one of our many former bridal couples whose dream it was to have their marriage on the beach

'Elke and Chris organised our wedding so well that we and our guests felt so relaxed on that day. The ceremony was very personal for us and our guests enjoyed it immensely'.
(Caroline & Tony)

We're located in the best area for your destination wedding in Spain.

The microclimate in Altea offers 300 days of sunshine a year, ideal to celebrate the entire wedding outdoors or on the beach.
Other Spanish regions can be too hot for a marriage (Like Marbella, Malaga or Estepona), not sun-safe (northern parts) or much more expensive (Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera, Barcelona,...).
Spain's prices are also a lot better than many other popular destinations, such a France, Italy, Cyprus or Greece.
The Costa Blanca has 3 international airports, making airline tickets easily and frequently available, and affordable.

We have negotiated special deals with the best venues in the Costa Blanca for your wedding in Spain

We've carefully selected 30 venues; beautiful beaches, castles, gardens, villas, hotels, resorts, etc, which you can discover during a physical visit, but we also offer the option to book a virtual visit to our venues, saving you time and money.

Link to make an appointment in our online calendar for a physical or virtual visit to our venues

But surely you have a lot of questions?

Obviously, you have a lot of questions about weddings abroad, and our website contains all the answers, but the best way to get an answer to your questions is during a free call with us.
There is no commitment to the call, but we do want to make time to listen and answer your questions, so, please... 

Link to make an appointment in our online calendar for a telephone or video call or a personal meeting

but if you have a short question, you can also click on the live chat button, send an e-mail to or use the contact form.

One of the first questions is often 'how much does a wedding in Spain cost?'

Link to our free online budget calculator which instantly answers that question, or you can request a free no-obligation detailed quote

And because we do so many weddings, and have special deals and packages with suppliers there is no fixed wedding planner fee!

Why not have a look at photos of Spain's beautiful venues, weddings, decorations etc on our online photo and video gallery

The gallery contains over 50000 photos and videos of our weddings.

Link to view our online photo gallery with more than 50.000 photos

Our website has all the answers to more than 600 of the most frequently asked questions about a wedding in Spain

Our website is very complete and will answer most of your questions.

From October 15 to March 15, we also plan weddings in other regions and countries, which is why we've included that info too

Click on one of the buttons below to open the page with that topic and open the answers by clicking 'read more', or hide them by clicking 'read less'.

If you have a short question, you can also use the online chat, or leave a message which we'll answer by e-mail within 3 days.

But most couples have lots of questions, and the best way to get them answered is during a ...

Free no-obligation telephone or video call with Spain's most professional and experienced wedding planner

We listen to your ideas, answer your questions, show photos and videos of our venues, discuss options and costs, and much more.

There is no-obligation and we want to give you our full attention, which is why we only work by appointment.

Link to make an appointment in our online calendar for a telephone or video call or personal meeting.

This is the first step to 'from wedding dream to dream wedding'.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Elke & Chris


Let's repeat the most important links ;

Link to our online photo gallery with more than 50.000 photos

Link to our free online budget calculator instantly answers that question, or you can request a free no-obligation detailed quote

link to send your questions via e-mail to 

Link to make an appointment in our online calendar for a telephone or video call or a personal meeting

Link to make an appointment in our online calendar for a physical or virtual visit our venues

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 So, who are the persons behind Costa Blanca Events?

We are Elke and Chris, and in 2005, after a successful career as entrepreneurs, we moved to Spain, where Elke started her collection of designer jewellery.

Through exhibitions at international fashion salons, we had built up a solid customer base when the financial crisis struck in 2008.

When did we start with the planning of our very first wedding in Spain?

In 2010, after working 2 years for a Dutch wedding planner agency, we started our own, and meanwhile, hundreds of couples have celebrated an unforgettable wedding day planned by us.

What is the difference between a professional licensed wedding planner and non-licensed ones?

The difference is similar to that between a professional chef and a hobby cook.

Though undoubtfully there are many good hobby cooks, I've never heard of one running a restaurant, let alone a Michelin star restaurant.

We're perfectionists, so we don't leave anything to coincidence.
Unfortunately, wedding planning is still not a profession regulated by law, so anyone can call himself a wedding planner.

Chris De Houwer, CEO of the company is a graduate of one of the most prestigious wedding planner academies.

Where are most of the couples and their guest coming and travelling from?

The majority of our couples are from Europe, but we also have a lot of couples from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

So either due to a time difference or just because they have a busy life, it can be challenging to find a right moment to look at the planning of your wedding or to make an appointment for a call during regular office hours.

So we're not using 'regular office hours' and we also allow couples to make an appointment during evening hours and even on Saturday morning.
Via our online calendar our wedding couples can easily find a moment which is available for us, and convenient for them.

And doing a follow-up on the planning is even easier since our proprietary online systems allow our couples to view, and manage their planning 24/7 which make the planning very easy and stress-free.

So you're considering getting married in Spain, but how do you get started?

The first step is usually our free online budget calculator so couples immediately know the required budget.

Our online photo gallery contains over 50000 photos and videos of our venues, decorations, settings, catering, etc.

Our online calendar enables couples to make an appointment for a (video) call or a personal meeting.

Based on the call or meeting, we'll make a detailed quotation and script.

A virtual or physical visit to our venues can be booked directly in our online calendar.

These steps lead to a concrete plan and budget that is the basis for your dream wedding.

Once the decision has been made, the wedding day is booked in our online calendar.

How long in advance do I need to book?

There is no real set period, and it depends on the date and the day of the week, holiday season or a long weekend.

It also depends on the number of guests you'll be inviting.

Either way, it's always better to start early, and on average couples book about one year in advance, but we also have bookings as early as 3 years in advance, or as late as one month before the big day.

Once the decision is made, and the date is set, it's time to start planning your dream wedding in Spain.

Then we start Yoep-P, our online wedding planner system for you, where you'll write a welcome text for your guests and create your guest list.

It's a great source of information for them, where they can confirm their presence, set dietary requirements, book an airport transfer, rental car or accommodation, and much more. 

This avoids hundreds of phone calls from guests, always with the same questions.

How does the planning go during the weeks and months after you’ve booked your date?

During the following months, we discuss the wedding plan during video conversations, add services if desired, complete choices for decoration, dinner, photography, etc...

In order to avoid last-minute bridal stress, we close the planning approximately 6 weeks before the marriage.

About 6 weeks before the wedding we close the planning to avoid last-minute stress for our couples, but small changes to the guest list remain possible.

Travel arrangements for your wedding in Spain.

Costa Blanca Events is a wedding planner agency, not a travel agent.
Therefore we cannot book flights for you and your guests, but nowadays everybody can book flights easily online, so that's not a problem, on the contrary.
It allows each guest to choose his flight schedule, airport, seat etc, and book when he or she finds a suitable flight and price.

But via our online system, you can book airport transport to the accommodation, and we've also negotiated special deals with the lowest price guaranteed for a selection of accommodations.

So again, no stress if you're planning your wedding via Costa Blanca Events, or attending one of our weddings as a guest.

The wedding day.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, the ceremony usually takes place in the afternoon.

For the bride, the preparation starts with the arrival of the hairdresser/make-up artist, after which the photographers arrive for a photo shoot.
Meanwhile, guests are arriving, by their means or our transport, where they will receive a welcome drink.

After taking a seat, the bride, usually accompanied by her father, arrives in the ceremonial car that is included in our wedding arrangements.
Then a personal ceremony of about 30 minutes starts, which includes vows, unity candle, certificate, etc.

As they leave the wedding setting, to their chosen (live) music, guests follow them to a reception with snacks and drinks.
Soon thereafter, a photoshoot starts with newlyweds and ending in group photos.

What follows is a superb dinner, and a dazzling dance party, usually in the open air.

This is just one of many 'scripts' because few events are so personal as a wedding.

At Costa Blanca Events... we make your dream come true!

So why wait, and click on the link below to make an appointment for a free no-obligation telephone or video call with us.

We listen to your ideas, answer your questions, show photos and videos of our venues, discuss options and costs, and much more.

There is no-obligation and we want to give you our full attention, which is why we only work by appointment.

Link to make an appointment in our online calendar for a telephone or video call or a personal meeting

Weddings abroad are trendy.

Weddings abroad are very popular, but what are the advantages, requirements and costs of a destination wedding?

An obvious first advantage is the weather. Here you're almost certain to enjoy a perfect climate from May to September, making it possible to celebrate ceremony, reception, dinner and dance outdoors.

And which couple doesn’t dream of a beach wedding abroad in the presence of close family and friends, avoiding the social pressure to invite distant family and friends.

But what is the cost of a destination wedding and who pays for what?

According to wedding etiquette, the couple pays for all costs on the wedding day, but due to the shorter guest list, total costs are usually substantially lower then in your home country, especially if you choose Spain as your destination. Subsequently, travel costs and accommodation are usually paid for by the guests.

Some wedding couples choose to pay the accommodation or part thereof for some or all of their guests, and each guest can prolong his stay at his own expense.

According to market research, also the organisation of a destination wedding is a concern of many couples, though it doesn’t have to be, even on the contrary.

Of course, there are obstacles, such as distance, language and culture, whom even with modern communication means are difficult to conquer, and travelling back and forth is not an option, it’s time-consuming, expensive and no guarantee to success.

Which is why most destination wedding couples rely on the services of a local wedding planner, but unfortunately, many wedding planners don’t have any diploma’s or experience, and that makes it difficult to choose.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to check if a wedding planner is NICE

Network; does he have a broad network of venues and suppliers with whom he frequently works and trusts, so that the quality and service is guaranteed?

Information: does he give extensive information on his services, prices, costs, diploma’s, associations to which he adheres, and references, preferably via an informative website.

Communication; does he answer your questions and e-mails within 3 working days and can he offer the online systems that make it easy for the wedding couple to plan their wedding, and for guests to plan their travel, accommodation and attendance to the wedding.

Expertise: does he have the necessary expertise to answer immediately to your questions, and the required experience to avoid ideas and suggestions that don’t work.

If on top of all, he can offer you the venues and services that meet your wishes, then nothing stands in the way to start planning your dream destination wedding!

Six reasons to plan your dream destination wedding

Nowadays, more couples than ever before are considering a destination wedding, so the question arises; “what are the 10 most important reasons to get married abroad”

Freedom of planning

Imagine the freedom of planning to create a dream wedding, just the way you like it!

Without the - often good intended, but nevertheless stressful - involvement of family and friends.

In a destination wedding your family and friends don’t know the venue unless you tell them, don’t know the plan, unless you inform them, and have never been there, so they can’t compare.

Freedom of invitations

Imagine the freedom to invite whomever you want to invite, without the social obligation to invite distant family and friends, persons you only see at traditional weddings and funerals.

Celebrate your wedding with the persons you really care about, and who really care about you! 

Freedom of location

Imagine the freedom to choose a truly magnificent destination, and most destination wedding couples do, choosing a sun guaranteed destination to create their dream - beach or other - wedding.

Control your budget

Imagine how you no longer have to save on services that are an essential part of your wedding dream, because your guest lists is much longer than expected due to social obligations.

Prioritize on what and who is really important for you, and while doing so, control your budget much better than would have been able to in a traditional home town wedding.

Dare to be different!

Imagine how your destination wedding will truly be different and unique, a wedding experience so different from all the weddings your guests attended before. Truly different and unforgettable!

Dare to entrust

Imagine how you can sit back and relax, while still being on top of your wedding plan and all choices involved, while your destination wedding planner does all the day-to-day work of planning and preparing for your wedding.

Because planning a destination wedding all by yourself is difficult, very difficult even, due to barriers such as distance, differences of culture and language, etc.

But if you have a trusted professional, living and working on the destination, it all becomes very easy and stress-free to plan your dream destination wedding.

In short, dare to dream and start planning your unique wedding abroad now!

Plan your dream destination wedding using the simple 5W system

Planning a destination wedding can be challenging, perhaps even scary, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow the simple 5W rule.
The first 3 W’s are inseparable;“Where”, “When” and “Who” as they are the very basis of your wedding plan.


Refers to the destination, which is obviously an extremely important factor in your wedding plan. But the destination is usually not the most important factor, because for example for a beach wedding there are many destinations offering nice beaches, sunny climate, etc.

Also, the ease of travel and the cost of travel is to be taken into consideration.

Then there may be personal preferences involved, because, for example, you know the area well, like the culture or food, etc.

Finally, also the venues available in those possible destinations are to be taken into consideration, as some destinations have better, more private, cheaper, easier accessible, etc venues than others.


Choosing a destination and venue is great, but if you have a specific wedding date which is of emotional importance to you, then the venue may not be available on that date.

Therefore, you can only decide on the venue if it’s available on your date of preference, unless of course that you’re flexible in your wedding date, and can adapt to the availability of the venue.


If you plan to do it all yourself, then the answer to this “W” is simple, but then the real challenge and stress only begin, since planning a destination wedding from a distance will prove to be very difficult, demanding and stressful.

If you think that you can plan a wedding by e-mail or phone, well, think again!

So the far better option is to choose a professional destination wedding planner, living and working on your destination of choice, and able to be your eyes, ears and negotiator “on-site”.

And since he’s most likely to do numerous weddings there, he will more then likely be able to negotiate better deals, then you will ever be able to, even if you’re willing to travel back and forth to the destination during the planning process.


Now it’s time for the “What”, meaning the detailed planning of your dream wedding abroad.

During the weeks and months to come, you can plan your wedding in all detail, deciding on timing, decorations, food, music and so much more.

And if you’ve found a good answer to your “who” then you will get a lot of help in doing so.


Finally, when the “what” has become clear, and you’re in the final stages of your wedding plan, and you still have some budget left, it’s time for the “wow”.

The small or not-so-small things, details, gifts, acts, etc that make your wedding truly unique and stand out from the average wedding.

Why we keep the wow for last?

Simple, because the “what” is the core of your wedding plan, and you need to prioritize your budget towards the what and spend any remaining budget on the “icing on the cake”

In short, dare to dream and start planning your unique wedding abroad now!

Weddings abroad on a budget

In my career as a professional wedding planner, I’ve rarely encountered couples that don’t have a budget for their wedding, and although they may vary from tight to huge, they all have one, and it’s one of the major factors we take into consideration when discussing their wedding plan. 

A wedding planner or personal secretary

This brings us to our view on wedding planning as a whole, and though I’m sure that some, if not many of my colleague wedding planners will not agree, here I go …

The majority of the wedding planners listen to the wedding couple during an intake meeting, and when contracted, go out to find the venues and vendors to meet the bride's wishes.

Of course, they have contacts and/or agreements with some venues and vendors, and they continue to build those relations as they organise more weddings, but still, they often depend on venues or vendors they’ve never, or hardly ever worked with.

In my point of view, this poses a great risk, since the relationship between the occasional venue or vendor and the wedding planner is not very different from the one the bride would have if she hadn’t contracted a wedding planner.

We have to assume that each venue and vendor’s intent is to do the best possible job to satisfy his client, but if for whatever reason, he doesn’t go “the extra mile” to deliver a truly impeccable service, or worse, he only stands to lose a “one-time-customer”. 

Relationship between venue or vendor and wedding planner

We believe that the stronger the relationship between venue or vendor and wedding planner, the more leverage the wedding planner has to make sure he can create a perfect wedding.

That’s why I only work with a large selection of carefully selected venues and vendors, whom all have agreed to the level of service and punctuality I require, and they all know that they have to get it right, each time, because if not, they stand to lose all our weddings. 

Good communication is key

A perfect wedding starts with good and efficient communication, and that’s why Costa Blanca Events has developed its own unique online system, available 24/7 which is key in all communications between wedding couple, wedding planner, guests, venue and vendors.

Which makes it very easy, and stress frees for the wedding couple to select the services and make the choices for their destination wedding, and place orders, which the corresponding vendor can confirm.

Where they create their guest list, so that guests can use the system to plan their attendance, order accommodation, airport transfer, hairdresser etc, or select their menu preferences.

And while doing so, they are constantly in control of their budget.

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