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Automatic translation of the interview of Prontopro
Chris de Houwer is a Belgian citizen born in 1965 who in 2005, after a successful career as an entrepreneur in Belgium, moved with his wife Elke to Spain, where Elke started a collection of designer costume jewellery. Through exhibitions at international fashion shows, they had built up a solid customer base when the financial and banking crisis arrived in 2008. At the end of 2009, after almost 2 years working for a Dutch wedding planning office, Chris and Elke started their own agency and since then have been able to give hundreds of couples an unforgettable wedding day. They are perfectionists and seek to organise the perfect wedding for all their couples, a unique experience under the Spanish sun. Chris explains that the microclimate around Altea, in the province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca, offers 300 days of sunshine a year, making it ideal for holding the entire wedding ceremony outdoors, and it is even possible to get married on the beach. But they also know that their couples and guests have a very busy life, or due to the time difference they are not always available during daylight hours. They are a small but very well organised wedding planning agency that organises dream weddings for brides and grooms and their guests from all over the world. They work very efficiently, with a strict minimum of overheads, so your bride and groom do not have to pay a fixed wedding planning fee. They work with a team of independent suppliers and collaborators, with whom they have special agreements for more than 600 services that they use to create the plans for their bride and groom. They specialise in weddings in the open air, on the beach, on the beachfront or with sea views. They offer a complete wedding planning service, much more comprehensive than other wedding planners. Their Yoep-P online wedding system, which has been specially designed for Costa Blanca Events, makes it very easy and stress free to plan a dream wedding. The system brings together all the interested parties, the bride and groom, the guests, the venues, the suppliers and of course the planners, such as the wedding organisers. The planning starts when the bride and groom write a welcome text with all the useful information, and choose the accommodations to suggest to their guests. Then, when they add their guest list, they can send the invitations through the system. From there, all the planning is managed through the system, which is accessible 24/7. The bride and groom can review their guests' confirmations, their wedding plan and their budget in real time, add or delete services to the plan, and make choices such as the menu, etc. Guests can confirm or decline their presence, set personal preferences such as diet requirements, book airport transfers, accommodation, welcome dinner, excursions or beauty services. Brides and grooms and guests can chat through this website or make an appointment for a video call or personal meeting directly on the online calendar, as long as they have questions or need help with wedding planning or attendance. In short, Costa Blanca Events offers the tools and assistance to create an unforgettable and stress-free wedding experience for all your couples and guests. Chris explains that this is a challenging job, because it offers no margin for error or mistakes ever, because every wedding is a once in a lifetime experience for the bride and groom, so it has to be perfect. He also points out that unfortunately wedding planning is still a profession that is not regulated by law, and as a result there are many, if not most, wedding planners who are not trained, nor experienced, which often results in huge disappointments for the bride and groom.

What is the average cost of the wedding planner service and what types of services are usually included?
Because the services offered by various wedding planners are so diverse, it is impossible to establish an "average cost". Many wedding planners only offer a basic service of decoration and coordination on the wedding day, a link between the couple and the vendors. In this case, their fees are based on the hours of work required to carry out the assignment, multiplied by their cost per hour. Costa Blanca Events offers a complete wedding planning service, and because we want to ensure 100% that each of our weddings will be a unique experience, we have created 4 different "wedding arrangements" that contain the minimum services required for a perfect wedding. The services in these wedding arrangements can be upgraded, and the services added to create a fully customized dream wedding. Because we do so many weddings per year, our couples only need to pay a small commission on the wedding plan.

What kind of problems are avoided by hiring a wedding planner?
I will answer with a metaphor: the difference between building a house and buying one. When building, you must get all the materials from many different suppliers, negotiate prices, make sure that they work together, that deliveries are on time, that agreements and schedules are respected, that helpers are capable, etc. Anyone who has built a house will confirm that it has been one of the most stressful periods of their life and, despite their efforts, they will often not have achieved full satisfaction and success. While hiring a licensed and experienced builder to build the house for you, it still leaves you with all the options and choices, but without the stress and risk of failure or disappointment.

What is your professional experience as a wedding planner?
Over the course of our business career as wedding planners we have accumulated a wide and deep knowledge of this sector. We have more than ten years of life as a company, although we already knew and worked in the sector before launching our own project. We have organised more than 500 weddings.

When is the ideal time to hire a wedding planner?
Above all, what we recommend to couples is that they look for and hire a wedding planner as soon as they have made the decision to get married, even before inviting anyone or doing anything else related to the wedding, so that the planner's help can be comprehensive.
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