Wedding dinner

Examples of dishes during a wedding dinner
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The wedding dinner is another highlight of the day. The type of catering and menu depends on the venue and your choices and preferences.
In most venues, you can choose between a sit-down dinner or a walking dinner.
There are 2 types of venues; 

  1. ones that have 'internal' catering, such as wedding banquet halls, hotels, etc.
    If you choose a venue with internal catering, you have to contract their catering.
  2. ones without internal catering, so we need to contract an external caterer for you.

What are the differences between these two?

Venues with internal catering, usually also have their own menus, which are often typically Spanish and not to international standards. 
This is especially so for meat and side dishes.

So we've ordered a renowned chef to created special Costa Blanca Events menus.
They're are sufficiently defined for our wedding couples, but leave enough room for the venues' chef to adapt the dish to his style and presentation. 
Our chef has also defined the prices venues may charge for them.
Often they're significantly lower than the venues' own menu prices.

Our menu offers 5 different menu compositions, from 3 to 7 courses, from low-budget but elegant to exquisite gourmet dining, each with an extensive list of dishes to choose from.

But each of our venues is allowed to define which menu level is their minimum.
They're also allowed to charge a small fixed fee for our menus, which we included in the total cost of the venue.

Your wedding script shows the minimum menu requirements of your venue and a link to the menu choices.

For venues without internal catering, you can choose between the 3 caterers we work with.

Our external catering partners are carefully selected, each offering a different style, but always offering great value for money.  

The main difference is that everything must be rented and brought in, tables, chairs, plates, glasses etc..., but also kitchen infrastructure, chefs, waiters etc..
This, of course, comes at a cost, which for smaller groups (up to 50 persons) makes external catering usually more expensive.

In both catering options, the wedding couples choose a set menu, which is served to all guests. 

However, via our proprietary online Yoep-P system, guests can advise us of their diet requirements, intolerances and even preferences.
On the wedding day, these guests are then served a menu corresponding to their diet. 

All of our menus unlimited wine, beer water and soft drinks are included during the dinner, with a maximum of 2.5 h.
The chosen menu level also determines the quality and maturity of the wine.

Often guests contact us and ask if they can do a speech, photo slideshow or act during dinner.
Of course, that is possible, but guests must notify us so that we can ask the kitchen to provide a pause between courses.

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