Cost of getting married in the Costa Blanca

Cost of weddings in Spain

Bride looking at the budget for her dream wedding in Spain.
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Spain is amongst the wedding destination who offer the best value for money, and a lot cheaper than most other European destinations.

Especially the Costa Blanca is considered a cheap and great value for your money wedding destination.

Flights to the region are frequent and cheap, with lots of choice between airlines, and 3 international airports.

Once you've arrived, the airport to accommodation transport is very well organised and very affordable.

We've negotiated exclusive deals with a selection of accommodations.

Via our systems, you can book accommodations starting as cheap as approximately 25 € per person and per night, depending on the date and chosen accommodation.

On top of that, Costa Blanca Events does not charge a fixed wedding planner fee!

No wonder that so many couples decide to entrust their dream wedding to us.

Each wedding couple has other preferences, chooses a different venue, wedding setting, flowers and decorations, reception, dinner, etc... In short, each wedding is different, and as a result, also the cost of each wedding is different.

But on this page, we'll explain the various types of costs and who pays for them.

But we understand that you want a more specific, and immediate answer to the question 'How much does a wedding in Spain cost'?

That's why we've created our free online wedding budget calculator.

You enter the estimated number of guests to your wedding, and the system immediately creates a detailed wedding plan and budget for you, without any commitment whatsoever.

User friendly and transparent, so you immediately have an idea of the cost of weddings in Spain.

So, that being said, a wedding in Spain is undoubtedly not more expensive than a wedding in your own country.

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Who pays for weddings in Spain

Graphic showing the costs for guests, and the costs for the wedding couple
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This is one of the most F.A.Q, and the answer is simple, it's just like a wedding in your home country.
Image your wedding in your home country, and you would invite a friend who lives a 4-hour drive away.
Would you pay for his gasoline to come to the wedding?
Since he wouldn't return home immediately after the wedding party, would you pay for his hotel?
Your answer to both questions is probably 'No, I would not'.
But on the other hand, you, of course, would pay for his drink reception, wedding dinner and open bar during the dance party.
Well, with destination weddings the wedding etiquette is no different.
Of course, the costs guests are facing for a wedding abroad are higher.
Airline tickets, airport transfer and accommodations can add up, and most guests will probably compensate that to some extent in their gifts to you.
But then, when you go for a destination wedding, you'll probably limit your guest lists to family and close friends, perhaps colleagues.
And their presence at your wedding is a gift by itself.
Only a tiny minority of wedding couples pay for ( a part of ) the travel expenses for ( some of ) their guests.
That is up to each wedding couple to decide.
It's not up to the guests to expect you to pay for these costs.

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Destination wedding cost breakdown

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Looking at the various types of costs will help you to control the budget for your dream wedding in Spain.
So let's do a destination wedding cost breakdown, which will help you to control your budget?
These are the cost of a wedding dress for the bride, suit for the groom, jewellery, wedding rings, etc. Sometimes wedding couples also participate or even pay for the dress code of the wedding party. These costs are usually the same for home country weddings as for destination weddings.
This is the most obvious and often also the highest cost which mainly consists of catering on your wedding day, 
Limiting your budget is as simple as limiting your guest list. Though, yes, I know, that's often easier said than done. But here again, we have one of the many advantages of a wedding abroad.
You don't need to worry about social obligations when creating your guest list. You can invite anybody who 'expects to be invited'.
Because of the cost of travel and accommodation, generally, only those to whom you're really close will attend
These costs don't depend on your guest list, and it's the 2nd biggest part of the total budget.
Examples are; rent of the venue, flowers, ceremony, DJ, photographer, etc...
To save, you can only make some cheaper choices on infrastructure, decorations and options.
This is the cost of planning and coordinating your wedding, and most wedding planners charge thousands of Euros for the service.
At Costa Blanca Events, we charge no fixed wedding planner fee, which makes a huge difference.
How do we do that?
We'll explain that on our cost of Costa Blanca Events page, via the link below.
By definition, a destination wedding will create the need and costs for you and your guests to travel. 
Spain, and especially the Costa Blanca, as a major tourist destination, offers great value for your money, much better than most wedding destinations.
Of course, prices also depend on the chosen accommodation, dates and length of stay, where July and August are obviously the most expensive months.
This is one of the frequently asked questions during the no-obligation video calls with couples who are interested in getting married in Spain.
And during the call, we're glad to give them a range of prices to expect for accommodations on their preferred wedding date.
So the question arises; "who pays for them ?"
And we answer that question on our 'who pays for what' page via the link below.
So, to summarize, with good planning, a wedding in the Spanish Costa Blanca is one of the best choices for weddings abroad on a budget.

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Cost of a venue

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If you compare the total cost of a wedding in one venue, with the total in another one, the difference can be huge.
This difference can have various reasons ;

1) Renting cost :
Some venues charge a substantial renting fee.
Venues which have their own catering usually keep the rent low, because their profit comes from the catering services they provide.
But in venues where external catering must be contracted, the only income for the owners is the rent, which, therefore, can be quite high.

2) Catering :
Venues which have their own catering, usually also have their own menus, which are often typically Spanish and not to international standards.
This is especially so for meat and side dishes.
So we've ordered a renowned chef to created special Costa Blanca Events menus.
They're are sufficiently defined for our wedding couples, but leave enough room for the venues' chef to adapt the dish to his style and presentation. 
Our chef has also defined the prices venues may charge for them.
Often they're significantly lower than the venues' own menu prices.
But each of our venues is allowed to define which menu level is their minimum.
They're also allowed to charge a small fixed fee for our menus, which we included in the total cost of the venue.

3) Transport and accessibility :
Some venues are difficult to access for catering or vendors.
Or they impose restrictions on delivery days and times, which make it for vendors more difficult, and therefore more expensive to provide their services.

4) Inevitable additional services
In some venues, for example, additional lighting is required if you want to dine in the evening. In some extra decorations may be inevitable, or a toilet lady.
These services will be listed separately as surcharges in your wedding plan.

The above four costs are summarized and result in a 'venue level' like 'Budget', 'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold', 'Platinum' or 'Diamond'.

For most of our services, the level corresponds to a specific price.
For venues, this is not the case. 
But the level does help you to compare the total cost of your wedding between venues.

But of course, we can even better explain the differences during a no-obligation video call.

If you choose a venue of a higher level than the one included in your wedding arrangement, you'll need to pay a surcharge.

This cost is then distributed by Costa Blanca Events over the venue and vendors.

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Wedding package or personal wedding plan

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What is the difference between a package deal wedding and a fully custom wedding plan?
Packages are often so standard that they save a lot of work in planning the wedding.
That is, of course, a big advantage for the wedding planner or the hotel or venue event manager.
In a package, they don't have to spend so much time listening to the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.
Theoretically, that should result in a lower cost for planning the wedding.
On the downside is that the package may contain a number of services that you don't want, but still have to pay for.
Planning a wedding from scratch requires a lot more work, but it gives you the benefit of celebrating your dream wedding, exactly as you want it.
Of course, since it takes a lot more time to plan, the wedding planner fee is usually much higher.
But what if you have the flexibility and personal service of a custom wedding, at the price of a package wedding?
Well, that's what we offer at Costa Blanca Events!
And we'll explain how we do that on our wedding arrangements page via the link below.

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Cheap weddings in Spain

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Is it possible to celebrate cheap weddings in Spain?
The answer is yes since Spain is one of the countries that offer the best value for money.
Of course, it depends on your definition of 'cheap'.
Is the sum of all the costs, for you and all of your guests, including travel and accommodation, higher than getting married in your home country?
Yes, of course.
But then, the guest list of a destination wedding is usually shorter, saving you money on persons attending whom you only see on weddings and funerals.
And according to wedding etiquette, guests pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses. (see our page who pays for what) 
So, your guest list is limited to the persons you really want to attend, and since you don't pay for their expenses, your total cost will probably not exceed the cost of a home country wedding.
But the experience will be totally different!
On top of that, we don't charge any fixed wedding planner fee!

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Weddings in Spain on a budget

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In all the years we've been wedding planners, we hardly ever encountered a couple that wanted to plan their wedding without any budget limitations.
But budgets are often very far apart.
At Costa Blanca Events, you'll have access to all services and costs, and we'll make a very detailed wedding script and budget for them.
So, right from the first contact with us, there will be no financial surprises. 
During the weeks and months of planning, we update the script and budget with each decision they make, so that they permanently know precisely where they are, budget-wise.

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Average cost of a wedding in Spain

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Each wedding is different, as are the wishes of each wedding couple, so inevitably the total cost will vary.
Weddings in Spain are less expensive than traditional weddings and weddings in other countries, because ;
1 ) The Spanish mainland ( not Ibiza ) is much cheaper than most other wedding destinations
2 ) Due to competition, prices for hotels, food, drinks, etc. are much lower than in different countries and regions
3 ) Due to the number of weddings Costa Blanca Events organizes, we're able to negotiate the best prices
4 ) With on average 50-100 guests, weddings in Spain are usually more intimate than traditional weddings,
 Of course, there are additional travel costs, but hotels in Spain are much cheaper than in most other countries.
Since each guest according to wedding etiquette pays for his own travel and accommodation, these costs don't weigh on a budget of bride and groom.
As a result, the total wedding budget for a wedding in Spain is lower than for a traditional wedding, and even should it be more expensive, then the experience, relaxed atmosphere, sunny climate, etc. makes it all worthwhile.
We're sometimes asked for a "what would be the total cost for a wedding in Spain for ... guests"?
That's a simple question, and we'll give you a simple, immediate answer.
Just click on 'make me an offer' and our free online wedding budget calculator will instantly calculate the total budget for our perfect wedding arrangement, based on your estimated number of guests.

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Our no-obligation free online wedding budget calculator
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Wedding in Spain budget calculator

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Our free online wedding budget calculator immediately answers the question; 'what is the cost of getting married in Spain?' 
Just click on the 'make me an offer' link, enter your estimated number of guests in the form, and click on submit.
You'll immediately receive an e-mail with the total cost.
No obligation, no waiting!
Want to know what's included?
No problem, just have a look at our 'perfect wedding arrangement' via the link below.

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