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Our 'Fantastic Wedding arrangement' promises nothing less than a genuinely Fantastic, unforgettable wedding in Spain, with full wedding planner service and wedding day coordination.

We've carefully selected the best wedding venues in the region for you to choose from.

Based on your wishes and preferences expressed during video calls,  meetings and e-mails, we'll create an entirely personal wedding script and budget for you.

Because we want your dream wedding in Spain, we've bundled all the essential wedding services in the' Fantastic Wedding Arrangement'.

We don't call it a package, because packages are rigid. They don't offer the flexibility to create your dream wedding instead of a one-size-fits-all wedding.

The arrangement is very complete, so there is no need to upgrade or add extra services.
But you can, either upgrade services in the Fantastic Wedding Arrangement or add extra services.

What are the 'essential wedding services which are included in the wedding arrangement?

  • Planning the wedding with the wedding couple : (Free)
  • Planning the wedding with venues and vendors : (Free)
  • Start planning your wedding video call : (Free)
  • Video calls or personal meetings to review your wedding plan and choose the services : Included
  • E-mails about your wedding plan and choice of services : included
  • End planning your wedding video call : (Free)
  • Print materials : included, upgradable to fully personalized versions
  • Transport, build up and build off : included
  • Wedding coordinator : included
  • Asst'd wedding coordinator : included, upgradable to more coordinators if necessary
  • Professional photographer : included, 'base level', upgradable
  • Rent of the venue : included, 'bronze' level
  • Wedding setting : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'budget', upgradable to 'diamond' level
  • Theme decorations of the wedding : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'less is more' upgradable to 'diamond' level
  • Welcome drink music : included, playlist, upgradable to live musician(s)
  • Welcome drink : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'silver' level upgradable to 'diamond'
  • Personal welcome cards: 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons
  • Ceremony music : included, MP3, upgradable to live musician(s)
  • Ceremonial car : included, mini countryman or similar, upgradable to oldtimer
  • Ceremony : included, intro, upgradable to full ceremony written especially for you
  • Rent of ring cushion or other : included
  • Reception after the ceremony : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'gold' level upgradable to 'diamond'
  • Reception music : included, playlist, upgradable to live musician(s)
  • Wedding couple photoshoot : included
  • Guest & group photoshoot : included
  • Dinner table decorations in accordance with chosen theme : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'less is more' level upgradable to any level
  • Personal placeholders / favours : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'silver' level upgradable to 'diamond'
  • Dinner music : included, playlist, upgradable to live musician(s)
  • Audio system for speeches : included
  • Wedding dinner including drinks : 10 persons included, upgradable to more persons, 'bronze' level upgradable to 'diamond' menu level

Quotation for a Fantastic wedding arrangement for 10 persons

Prices :

  • 'Fantastic wedding arrangement' including 10 persons: from 3350 € + v.a.t., depending on the chosen date and day of the week.
  • Price per extra person 12-99 yrs : 71 € + v.a.t.
  • Price per child 4-11 yrs: 45 € + v.a.t.
  • Price per infant 0-3 yrs: free

Wedding planner commission: from 5 % depending on the chosen date and day of the week.

Why is an open bar and DJ not included?

We don't want to include non-essential services. True, a dance party is essential, but not for very small weddings.
Couples with less than 20 guests are often in doubt whether to organise a dance party or not.
We've organised great dance parties for such small groups, but they only work if the vast majority of the guests love to dance.
If not, live music during a dinner which is prolonged with free drinks is usually a better option.
If the venue allows that option, is often a better choice for such small groups.

So, because it's not included in the wedding arrangement, it's up to you to decide if you want to add these services or not.

We've negotiated exclusive deals for over 600 services with our venues and vendors.

Our online catalogue gives you access to a full description and detailed pricing of each of them.

As soon as you have booked your wedding, it all starts with a free 'start planning your wedding' video call or personal meeting.
During the call we listen to your wishes, answer your questions, and get you started in Yoep-P, our user-friendly online wedding planner platform.

During the weeks and months of planning, you can book up to 8 video calls or personal meetings with your wedding planner.
During each about 1.5 hours appointment, we listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and review your wedding plan service-by-service.
We update the services or add additional services according to your wishes and preferences.

In the unlikely case that you would require extra video calls or personal meetings to plan your wedding, you can order these at a nominal cost.

About 6 weeks before the wedding, we'll ask you to make an appointment for an 'end planning video call or personal meeting.'

From then on, you can start the countdown to your truly unique wedding in Spain.

On the wedding day, 2 professional wedding coordinators ensure that everything goes perfectly as planned.
That way you can enjoy a Fantastic wedding, free of stress, just like the whole planning period has been.

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