Advise us of your food intolerances

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The wedding dinner is an essential part of the day, and we want to make sure that you'll enjoy it.

Yoep-P makes it very easy to share your food intolerances or dietary requirements with us.

But you only need to if the wedding couple has chosen an individually served dinner.

If the couple has chosen a walking, buffet or show cooking dinner, then there is no need for you to set your intolerances.

Because in that case, you'll be able to decide on the spot which dishes you want to or can eat.

For an individually served dinner, you can submit your food intolerances or dietary requirements until 6 weeks before the wedding.

That's the moment that we close the planning, and changes are no longer possible.

What options are there?

  • Vegetarian or vegan
  • sensibility or intolerance to food ingredients such as lactose, nuts, shellfish and much more.
  • Preferences like not liking fish or pork.
  • Pregnancy which also requires special diet requirements

It's all in Yoep-P.

If you have any of the above ;

  • Login to Yoep-p.com with your user name and password.
  • Click on 'guest list.'
  • At the end of the line with your name, click on the 'edit' icon.
  • In the form, check the boxes beside your diet/food intolerances.
  • Click 'update.'
  • Repeat this for other members of your family with special requirements.


Which menu will I be served?

For an individually served dinner, the wedding couple has chosen a set menu.

Now there are 3 options;

  1. if a dish is not in conflict with the diet requirements you've submitted, it will be served to you.
  2. if a dish is in conflict but can be modified by replacing or leaving out an ingredient, then the caterer will do so.
  3. if the plate cannot be changed, you'll receive an alternative dish, a suggestion by the chef which is not known beforehand.

Your diet requirements or food intolerances are only used by us for the wedding dinner, not for any other meals, even if booked via us.

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