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As a guest, you may want to book personal services for the wedding.

Only the wedding couple can decide which services they want to enable for their guests.

If they do, these services can be booked in our online system, and must always be paid at the time of booking.

Every booking is final and cannot be changed, nor cancelled.

If enabled, you can find all info and prices, and link to book in Yoep-P.com, our online wedding planner system.

Bookings are possible until approximately 6 weeks before the wedding, when the planning is finalised.


Some brides therefor prefer not to enable these services to their guests, since the service can only be done in the accommodation of the bride.


Often a welcome dinner 'to break the ice' is organised.

If so, it's usually, the evening before the wedding.


Often we're asked to book an activity or excursion one or more days after the wedding.

Please also check the info about these services on the wedding couples welcome page in Yoep-P.com

  • Login to Yoep-p.com with your user name and password.
  • you can find these info texts on the home page or by clicking on 'my wedding.'

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