Advantages of weddings in Spain

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Spain is a vast country, so it's not possible to explain the advantages of 'weddings in Spain' on one page.

On the 'where to get married in Spain' page, you'll find a topic per region.

The most popular regions for weddings in Spain are the coastal regions, and by far the most popular of all is the Costa Blanca.

So, on this page, let's look at the advantages of destination weddings in Spain, regardless of the chosen region.  


  • ... is centrally located in Europe and can be reached from most other European countries within a 2-hour flight time.
  • ... has an extensive network of national and international airports all over the country and is therefore easily accessible from all continents.
  • ... has a superb transport infrastructure, with national and regional flights, a high-speed and a regulars trains, buses, and cheap rent-a-car companies.
  • ... is a very diverse country, with coastal regions, mountainous areas, different climate zones, and a stunning, always different landscape.
  • ... has a rich culture, history, architecture and gastronomy, so there is so much to see! 


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