Weddings in other parts of Spain

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Yes, we can do weddings in other venues or in other parts of Spain.

But the conditions and costs are different.

With our venues and vendors, we've made exclusive deals, because we bring them so many weddings.

If you ask us to plan your wedding at another venue, we need to start from scratch.

In total, your wedding will be significantly more expensive, because;

  • You can't benefit from the exclusive deals we've negotiated with our venues.
  • We'll have a lot more work planning and organising your wedding with a place we haven't worked with before.
  • If the venue is in another part of Spain, there are additional costs for transport and accommodation for our team and vendors.
  • Not all of the vendors with whom we've negotiated exclusive deals can work in other regions, so we may need to work with local vendors who don't offer these deals.

Finally, during the wedding season, we do a lot of weddings, so we may not be able to do your wedding at all.

If we're able to do your wedding, the procedure is as follows ;

The first step is for you to search the internet for suitable venues in the region. Perhaps you even already know some.

  • You pay the prospection fee + costs to scout the venue(s), talk to the owners, discuss the possibilities, options and prices, and assess their trustworthiness. 
  • If the venue is acceptable, we suggest the deal to you, which will include our estimate of required visits to the venue and the costs thereof.
  • If accepted, you pay the deposit + 1 extra visit to the venue.
  • Once the planning reach it's final stages, we'll need to go over once more.
  • Shortly before the wedding, we'll already go to the venue to finalise the last details and welcome you.

Clearly, we're not always able to do a wedding in another part of Spain.

Perhaps you want to avoid the extra costs by choosing a wedding planner in the region of your choice.

Therefore, we offer colleague wedding planners in other parts of Spain the possibility to inform you about their services on the following pages.

We do not know them personally, nor can we vouch for their services.

Our intention is purely to give you a first contact in the region.

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