Beach weddings in the Costa Blanca

Beach weddings in Spain - Costa Blanca

Beach wedding in Spain, on a beautiful white sandy beach

Imagine, a stunning beach or seafront venue overlooking the Mediterranean sea, where rays of sunlight are reflecting like diamonds.

Then your guests arriving are welcomed with a drink before the ceremony.

Once seated, you'll arrive while music is playing, and the ceremony begins...

Celebrating your wedding, blessing or renewal of your vows with close family and friends is a childhood dream of many.

And yes, we can make that ultimate dream beach wedding in Spain come true.

The Spanish Costa Blanca has the perfect beach and seafront venues to choose from, and we've selected only the very best of them.

We can organise the ceremony and drinks reception, or the whole wedding day, including dance party into the early hours in one of our beach or seafront venues.

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Is it possible to get married on the beach

Getting married in Spain on the beach is the childhood dream of many wedding couples.

And yes, Costa Blanca Events has the perfect venues to create your dream beach wedding in Spain!

But just as in other countries, Spanish law prohibits the use of the beach for private events such as; weddings, events, etc ... 

You can't just go to a beach and build a wedding setting and get married on the beach.

So how do we do it?

Well, the same government that prohibits the use of the beach for private events, issues licenses for beach or seafront bars, restaurants and lounges.

And we've negotiated exclusive deals with the best of them.

Our exclusive Paradise Cove venue is one of them.

A wide, sandy beach venue, with a romantic cove beside it.

The possibility to celebrate the whole wedding, right up to a dance party into the early hours on the sandy beach 

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about these and our other venues!

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Private beach wedding

Costa Blanca Events has the perfect venues to organise your dream beach wedding in Spain.

Couples often ask if the beach will be private on their wedding day.

Well, in most western countries, beaches are protected as public domain, so they cannot be 'reserved' by anyone.

That being said, we've carefully selected those beaches where the level of privacy is very high.

There can be various reasons for that, and we'll be more than happy to discuss them during a no-obligation video call.

Of course, it also depends on the date. 

During the high season, all beach will be busier than usual.

So to have the beach as private as possible, we recommend avoiding those busiest dates. 

In the case of our exclusive Paradise Cove beach venue, for example, it's because right next to the beach is a hilltop.

Regular tourists avoid that spot because they want to sunbathe.

But for weddings, being dressed up, you'll appreciate the shade, and it makes for better photos.

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Can I contract only a beach wedding ceremony

A private beach wedding ceremony is always proceeded by a welcome drink, and followed by a (drinks) reception, possibly with appetisers.

That combination is perfectly possible, and we have the right venues just for that.

In some cases, the owner will charge a higher rental fee to make the venue entirely or partially exclusive for your ceremony.

Organising your wedding ceremony on any beach of choice, without having the proper license for the use of the beach is strictly prohibited by law.

Taking the risk is a bad idea because when caught, the proceedings will be stopped immediately with a massive fine on top.

So, that definitely not something we do! 

Another option is to choose our beachfront venue 10005, where we can organise your ceremony without extra costs.

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Beach wedding ideas

Detail of beach theme chair decoration with starfish

A beach wedding is typically much less formal than most other weddings.

A basket with flip flops often awaits the guests upon arrival, sometimes printed with the names and wedding date.

A beach is also a source of inspiration for decorations with shells, starfish, turquoise bits and bobs, etc.

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