Your wedding planner in Spain

Your wedding planner in Spain
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Having an unforgettable wedding is all about avoiding stress because if you're stressed out, you'll miss out on your wedding day!

So, why do - mostly brides - stress out, not only during the planning but more importantly, also on their wedding day?

The reason is simple; anxiety for the unknown! 

With so many questions and things that can go wrong, no wonder that you're anxious.

And that's where we come in!

Throughout the planning, you can make appointments for personal video calls or meetings in Spain.
You can also e-mail us, and we always respond to e-mail within 3 business days.
Based on the calls, meetings and e-mails, we'll update your wedding plan.

You'll experience first hand how thorough we are. 
How our eye for detail and meticulous planning removes 'the unknown'.
And because there are no 'unknowns', our brides never have stress, not during the planning, nor on their wedding day.

That's such a vast difference with planning the wedding yourself!

Planning a wedding requires a lot of work, coördination, etc.

A lot of that work simply can't be done via telephone or e-mail. Additionally, there is a possible time difference, cultural difference, language barrier etc...

Chris and Elke, of Costa Blanca Events, have been living and working in the Spanish Costa Blanca since 2005, know the area like no other, speak the language, and know the local customs.

As professional wedding planners, it's our job to plan your perfect wedding.

We select the best venues, arrange and maintain contacts with local suppliers, and advice on the overall planning of your dream wedding in Spain.

We can make things happen that are simply impossible from your country of residence.

How does one recognise a good wedding planner organisation?

Unfortunately, there are no legal standards for wedding planners, and so anyone can call himself a wedding planner, even though they did not have any training, experience, etc...

Everything starts, of course, with professional training.

Chris De Houwer has successfully completed a course of wedding and event planner in one of the most prestigious schools worldwide, the Longevity wedding planning institute, in close coöperation with various universities in other countries.

Besides training, the experience is of utmost importance.

We been living and working in the Costa Blanca since 2005, and have organised lot's of weddings, renewals of the vows, etc...

That's why we are one of the leading wedding planner agencies in Spain.

Costa Blanca Events is the trade name of Recrea Service & Consulting SL, the official name of the company.

It's a Spanish 'limited company', comparable to the English ltd, founded in 2005 with a capital of 40000 €.

The company has a robust capital base and is in full compliance with the Spanish accountancy and tax laws, social security, Chambre of commerce. 

We have a reliable name and reputation in wedding and event planning and consider customer service and satisfaction of vital importance.

We hope that our websites, extensive and open information and customer evaluations, speak for themselves.

The founding partners are ;

  • Chris De Houwer is a professional wedding & eventplanner.
  • Elke Lambrechts is a professional wedding & event planner.

"Good planning and organisation are crucial, certainly for a wedding or event planner, while it takes empathy to convert the wishes and dreams of the wedding couple into a viable wedding plan.

They work as a team, with her focus mainly on theming and decorations, so as a wedding designer.

Together they're a perfect team, working in the Costa Blanca to make the dreams and wishes of so many wedding couples a reality.

2 Persons, one team, complementing the other where necessary, so that together with our trusted venues and vendors can make your wedding dream, a dream wedding!

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Your wedding planner in the Costa Blanca