Who pays for weddings in Spain

Graphic showing the costs for guests, and the costs for the wedding couple
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This is one of the most F.A.Q, and the answer is simple, it's just like a wedding in your home country.
Image your wedding in your home country, and you would invite a friend who lives a 4-hour drive away.
Would you pay for his gasoline to come to the wedding?
Since he wouldn't return home immediately after the wedding party, would you pay for his hotel?
Your answer to both questions is probably 'No, I would not'.
But on the other hand, you, of course, would pay for his drink reception, wedding dinner and open bar during the dance party.
Well, with destination weddings the wedding etiquette is no different.
Of course, the costs guests are facing for a wedding abroad are higher.
Airline tickets, airport transfer and accommodations can add up, and most guests will probably compensate that to some extent in their gifts to you.
But then, when you go for a destination wedding, you'll probably limit your guest lists to family and close friends, perhaps colleagues.
And their presence at your wedding is a gift by itself.
Only a tiny minority of wedding couples pay for ( a part of ) the travel expenses for ( some of ) their guests.
That is up to each wedding couple to decide.
It's not up to the guests to expect you to pay for these costs.

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