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Bird view of a wedding in a private villa in Spain
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Are there any villas in Spain for weddings?
Actually, finding a holiday villa which has all the permits to organise a wedding into the early hours is probably impossible.

We've organised over 500 weddings in this region, and we don't know of any such holiday villas.

Admittedly, there are holiday villas with sufficient beds for 10 or more people, and with a terrace for 50 or more people.

Problem is that often the rental contract does not allow the use of the villa for weddings and events.

Even if the owner allows it, there may be tens or hundreds of neighbours which will not be enthusiastic about a dance party into the early hours.

At least one of them will surely call the police once it's 10 PM and music is no longer allowed.
Obtaining a night license from the town hall is impossible.

Taking the risk is something that we, as wedding planners, won't do, the risk is simply too high.
But even if you find a suitable villa, there are a few more things to think about ;

  • Are the roads leading up to the villa accessible by bus, or if guests are arriving by car, is there enough parking space. 
  • Can the catering company, or rental equipment company's van reach the villa 
  • Are there enough toilets for your number of guests? If not, renting mobile toilets is recommendable.
  • Are there enough tables, chairs, plates, cutlery, glasses, ...? if not, they must be rented.
  • Self-catering is stressful, an external caterer must comply with the food safety regulations, bring the necessary equipment and staff. 
  • Last but certainly not least, are you able and willing to cope with the stress of organising the wedding?

Holiday rental villas would typically only be an option for weddings up to about 30, max 50 guests.
But given the reduced number of guests, all the above costs will result in a total cost superior to the one you would pay in a wedding venue. 

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