Wedding tables and chairs

Photo of round wedding tables set for a wedding in Spain
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Venues with internal catering usually have their own furniture, which is included in the price of the menu. 

Venues with external catering usually don't have their own furniture, in which case it's usually included in the price of the catering.

If your venue does not include furniture, or if you want a type of furniture which is not included, we can rent that for you.

There are various options for tables ;

  • Banquet tables are large, round tables of 1.6 or 1.8-meter diameter.
    Each table can seat a minimum 8 and maximum of 12 persons. More is not possible.
    These tables are usually decorated with a 'centrepiece' without a table runner.
  • Another option is to create long rectangular tables.
    To achieve this, one or more event tables of 1.80 x 0.70 meter each are used.
    Since they are of standard width, there is little room for table decorations, which is why this option is rarely chosen.
  • That brings us to another frequently preferred option, the 'imperial' table. This is basically 2 rows of rectangular tables joint together to form a table of 1.4 meters wide, and as long as required.
    This type of table allows for a lovely table runner and decorations in the middle, and therefore much more festive.
  • Vintage wooden tables and accompanying chairs are also often used.
    They're never included in the venue or catering, and must therefore always be rented at additional cost.
    But they don't require much decoration.
    Since there is limited availability of these tables, we recommend to order them asap.

All of them can be combined with a 'presidential table', for the wedding couple and members of the wedding party.
Only a minority of wedding couples nowadays choose to have a presidential table. If they do, it can be either type of table, but persons are seated on one side only, all facing their guests. So, on a banquet table, this means a maximum of 8 persons. In contrast, a rectangular or imperial 'presidential' table can be created as long as you want.

Please consult the furniture requirements or recommendations with your wedding planner.

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