Wedding ceremony setting

example of a wedding ceremony setting on the beach
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The 'setting' is where you will celebrate the most memorable moment of your wedding day, the ceremony.
Therefore, the choice of setting is an important one.

At Costa Blanca Events, we offer 13 different types of setting, each available in 'romantic' or bohemian style and adapted to your choice of theme, colours and preferences.

That is why we leave nothing to chance and spend a lot of care to your wedding setting. 
It is one of the many things where our couples always are delighted about.

After all, it's the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at the venue.
The first thing you will see, and the backdrop for the groom when he first sees his bride upon arrival for the ceremony.
At the same time, it's the framework for many of your wedding photos.

Most wedding planners don't own a wedding setting, and are therefore dependent on the one of the wedding venue or have to rent a wedding setting. 
That makes it difficult for you to know how your setting will look on the wedding day.

Costa Blanca Events has its own wedding settings.
We don't have to rent and are not dependent on the material of the wedding venue.
We can show you how your wedding setting will look on your wedding day.

In some venues, the choice of wedding settings that we can offer is limited.
Either because the time provided for installation is restricted, or because we need to adapt the setting to existing infrastructure.

The wedding setting is like a blank canvas.
In addition to the type of setting, you choose a theme, colours, colour of the carpet, chairs, chair decorations, seating plan, altar decorations, entrance decorations, etc.
All of these choices make your setting genuinely unique and personal!

The setting includes the sound system for the officiant during the ceremony, lectern, windlight, easels, transport and build up in venues where we can drive up to the ceremony place.

In venues which we don't work with, and/or where the ceremony place is not accessible by van, surcharges may apply.

The carpet is not included. The standard carpet width for the ceremony aisle is 2 meters.
In some venues or churches, we must cut the carpet to the width available. 

Altar and wedding setting decorations and bouquets make the ceremony setting complete.
In the seating plan, you choose the number of chairs per row, and the number of rows. 

In a formal seating plan, the wedding couple is seated with their backs towards their guests.
In an informal seating plan, the wedding couple is diagonally facing the guests and the officiant. 
The informal seating plan is less traditional, and there is more (eye) contact during the ceremony, often making it emotional. 

The setting has a fixed price and a price per chair. 
We always place some additional chairs without extra charge, because often empty chairs remain. 

Please check in the description of your chosen venue which seating plans are possible or recommended. 

Each seating plan also indicates the length of the aisle carpet you need to order. 

Carpet decorations are placed on the aisle, before the arrival of the bride. Typically flower petals are chosen, but other options are depending on the selected theme, such as shells, glitter, etc. 
Some venues and churches don't allow carpet decorations, so please consult with your wedding planner before ordering any. 

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