Wedding package or personal wedding plan

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What is the difference between a package deal wedding and a fully custom wedding plan?
Packages are often so standard that they save a lot of work in planning the wedding.
That is, of course, a big advantage for the wedding planner or the hotel or venue event manager.
In a package, they don't have to spend so much time listening to the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.
Theoretically, that should result in a lower cost for planning the wedding.
On the downside is that the package may contain a number of services that you don't want, but still have to pay for.
Planning a wedding from scratch requires a lot more work, but it gives you the benefit of celebrating your dream wedding, exactly as you want it.
Of course, since it takes a lot more time to plan, the wedding planner fee is usually much higher.
But what if you have the flexibility and personal service of a custom wedding, at the price of a package wedding?
Well, that's what we offer at Costa Blanca Events!
And we'll explain how we do that on our wedding arrangements page via the link below.

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