Free online wedding abroad budget planner - budget calculator

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The free online budget calculator calculates in a few seconds the required budget for your wedding in Spain - Costa Blanca.

All you need to do is ;

  • enter your estimated number of persons attending per age group. Because not all invited will attend, we recommend entering 75-80% of your guest list.
  • Enter your expected or preferred wedding date or period ( for example the first part of May )
  • Your first name and the first name of your partner.
  • the E-mail address to send the budget calculation to.
  • add a comment if you want

Click on submit.

A few seconds later, you'll receive the budget calculation on your e-mail.

We absolutely respect your privacy, and never send out spam.

However, some spam filters may consider the message as spam, since there has been no prior e-mail exchange between you and the budget calculator.

So, if you don't see the e-mail right away, don't forget to check your spam box.

When the budget calculation is within your budget, you can use the same form again, to request a personal quote which includes a very detailed wedding plan and budget.

All without any commitment whatsoever, no strings attached.

Why wait, try it now!

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