Travelling with your wedding dress.

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There are 5 options to get your wedding dress, and perhaps a few suits, to your destination.

1) Carry-on baggage
Travelling with your wedding dress as carry-on baggage is almost impossible.
Even if you would be able to get the dress inside the cabin luggage, it probably won't arrive in perfect condition.
Sometimes the captain allows for the dress to be transported separately in the cabin. It's a good idea to ask your airline about their policy on this matter. If they allow it, ask them to confirm this in writing, so that on the day of departure, there is no doubt about this.
Even with an e-mail at hand, the captain always has the last word, so we don't really recommend this option.

2 ) Book an extra ticket 
Some airlines (e.g. Ryanair) allow for you to buy an extra ticket, especially for a wedding dress, so can you keep it on the seat beside you.
3 ) In your check-in luggage.
Though this appears to be a good option, it's a risky one.
Every now and then, a suitcase gets lost or ends up somewhere else.
When going on vacation, that's not nice, but if it happens with the suitcase containing your wedding dress, it's a nightmare.

4 ) Bring it by car.
If one of your guests is driving to your wedding destination, it's a good idea to ask him to take your dress.
This is often the cheapest and the safest option.

5 ) Send it by courier
Carefully pack your dress, protect it against humidity.
Send it by courier/express parcel service to Costa Blanca Events, a few weeks before the wedding.
We'll keep the dress for you, so you can pick it up on arrival in Spain.
Additionally, we advise taking extra insurance, so that if anything goes wrong, the cost of the dress is refunded.

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