The ceremonial wedding

Bride and groom kissing during their ceremonial wedding in Spain
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The ceremonial wedding ceremony is the most romantic and emotional of all.
It's usually the part of the wedding that the couple will remember for many years to come.
One of the most significant advantages is that this is the only type of ceremony which is least subject to lots of restrictions and rules.

Here are a few examples of some advantages of a ceremonial wedding ;

  • Freedom of choice of venue, beach, beachfront, etc
  • Freedom of length and content of the ceremony  
  • Freedom of involvement of guests ( readings, unity candle, etc.)
  • Freedom of choice of witnesses, even young children of the wedding couple if they want it.
  • available to all couples, straight, LGBTQ, blessing, renewal of the vows, etc

So we can easily say that the ceremonial wedding is the emotional foundation of the whole day.

So what are the conditions for the ceremonial wedding?

De conditions and procedures are set by the officiant.
This person leads the ceremony, based on the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.
However, the association of wedding planners may require that ;

  • The wedding couple is legally married before organising the ceremonial wedding, OR
  • The wedding couple certify that at earliest convenience they will get legally married, OR
  • The wedding couple have a civil partnership, OR
  • The wedding couple renews their vows

The officiant must be convinced, and if requested, the wedding couple must be able to proof, that the conditions set to perform the ceremony are fulfilled. 

Before the ceremony, the officiant will need information about the wedding couple. 
This can be done via a personal interview, or by contacting ( some of ) the guest. 
This information is used by the officiant to write a personal wedding ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, the wedding couple and their witnesses, sign the ceremonial wedding certificate.

Often, family and guests are not told that the legal marriage is organised separately.

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