Make travel arrangements for your wedding in Spain

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Around October, most airlines publish their prices for the next spring, summer and fall, and most accommodations do the same.

So then it's time to start looking to make travel arrangements for your wedding in Spain.

Flying to the Costa Blanca

Prices of tickets can fluctuate enormously, increasing or decreasing as availability seats of a flight varies.

As a general rule, it's recommendable to book early.

However, if not too long before departure, the airline is left with a bunch of unsold tickets, prices may drop significantly.

The problem with a wedding is that you cannot wait until that last moment, because obviously, we can't do the wedding without you.

Costa Blanca Events is not a travel organisation, so one of the very few things we cannot do for you is book flights

The Spanish Costa Blanca has 3 international airports with daily flights from all over Europe operated by various regular and low-cost airlines making tickets cheap and easy to find.

Which airport to choose depends on your airport of departure, price of the tickets, etc... The 3 airports are;

1 ) Aeropuerto de Alicante (Code ALC)

This is a totally new airport, just south of Alicante, and it's the one we recommend.

For daytime arrivals, you can book a cheap bus transfer to various cities and hotels,

( see information below ) and various rental car agencies have their offices in the airport arrival hall, with rental car pick up in the airport parking.

However, it's essential to book with a reliable rental car company to avoid unexpected extra charges when you return the car.

2 ) Aeropuerto de Valencia - Manises (code VLC)

This recently partially newbuild, partially renovated airport, is approx 20 minutes from Valencia city centre.

From the airport, you can take a bus to the central bus station, where you can take a regular bus to various cities such as; Alicante, Altea, etc...

Unfortunately, the safety reputation of the central bus station is not very good.

Unless you travel in a group of 10 persons or more, the transfer to your accommodation will be substantially more expensive than from Alicante airport.

3 ) Aeropuerto de region de Murcia (Code RMU)

This totally new, small regional airport is located in the southern point of the Costa Blanca, near Mar Menor.

The airport is about a 1.5-hour drive to the main wedding venues and accommodations in the Costa Blanca, so it's not the most recommended airport,

but if there is a significant price difference for the tickets, then the extra cost of transfer may be worthwhile.

Group tickets

Some of the airlines also offer special conditions for groups of 10 or more passengers.

The most important advantage of these group conditions is usually not the price, if not the flexibility to book, change names, etc...

Instead of having to enter all the passenger info at time of booking, you can order a certain number of tickets, without specifying passengers names.

Then, a few months before departure, you can submit the names.

Airport transfer

We cooperate with various vendors for airport to accommodation transfer.

You can read all about the options on our airport transfer page.


We do have exclusive deals with accommodations.

You can read all about the options on our accommodations page.


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