I want to book my wedding abroad in Spain

Bride decides to book her dream wedding in Spain with Costa Blanca Events
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Our goal is to give you full information so that when you're ready, you can book your dream wedding in Spain in confidence with us;

  • Our 50000 photos and video gallery of our venues, accommodations and all types of wedding services. 
  • our extensive website gives you all relevant info
  • Our free online budget calculator instantly answers the question 'what would be the cost of getting married in Spain'
  • During our free and no-obligation video calls we listen to your ideas, present our venues, answer your questions, discuss costs, etc
  • Our no-obligation quotations give you a very detailed script, timeline and budget for your wedding
  • Our online catalogue gives you detailed info and prices for all 600 services for which we've negotiated exclusive deals with locations and vendors.
  • And finally, if you're able to visit, you'll see first hand how stunning our venues are.

So, on the following pages will resolve your last doubts, so that you can entrust your wedding to us.

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Book your dream wedding in Spain
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