How to choose destination wedding location

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Aside from an emotional or personal preference, most couples choose a wedding destination on 5 conditions; easy of planning, ease of travel, perfect climate, stunning venue, within your budget.
1) Ease of planning.
This is the most critical condition.
No matter how beautiful the destination or venue and disregarding an acceptable cost difference, you want your wedding to be unforgettable and above all, stress-free! 
So make sure that whoever is planning your wedding, understands and attends to your wishes.
He or she must have the experience and contacts to make it all work and give you 100% confidence that he or she will create your dream wedding.  
2) Ease of travel. 
Since all guests need to travel to your destination of choice, the availability, duration and cost of flights is an important topic to consider.
What good is a destination when a part of your guests are not attending because travelling is too complicated, or too costly?
3) Climate. 
What good is having a stunning venue booked for an outdoor wedding when it's raining? 
Of course, nobody can control the weather. Still, the Spanish Costa Blanca, listed in the WHO top 10 of best climate worldwide has the perfect conditions for an outdoor wedding, with very little chance of rain and ideal temperatures during the wedding season.
4) Venue. 
Though initially couples often start looking for 'the perfect venue', this condition only comes in fourth. 
All 5 conditions are essential.
A perfect venue is like the icing on the cake when all other conditions are met.
5) Cost
This is the fifth condition because it's crucial that the wedding fits into your budget. 
If not all of the above conditions are fulfilled, then cost won't make up for an unforgettable wedding.
Costa Blanca Events meets all of the above conditions.
We're very experienced and personal wedding planners in an area with 3 international airports, making flights widely available and cheap.
The main airport is only a 30-minute drive from our most chosen venues. We work with more than 30 carefully selected venues.
We have negotiated exclusive deals with our venues, caterers, suppliers and accommodations in a country which is already considered as having the best value for money!

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