Destination wedding cost breakdown

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Looking at the various types of costs will help you to control the budget for your dream wedding in Spain.
So let's do a destination wedding cost breakdown, which will help you to control your budget?
These are the cost of a wedding dress for the bride, suit for the groom, jewellery, wedding rings, etc. Sometimes wedding couples also participate or even pay for the dress code of the wedding party. These costs are usually the same for home country weddings as for destination weddings.
This is the most obvious and often also the highest cost which mainly consists of catering on your wedding day, 
Limiting your budget is as simple as limiting your guest list. Though, yes, I know, that's often easier said than done. But here again, we have one of the many advantages of a wedding abroad.
You don't need to worry about social obligations when creating your guest list. You can invite anybody who 'expects to be invited'.
Because of the cost of travel and accommodation, generally, only those to whom you're really close will attend
These costs don't depend on your guest list, and it's the 2nd biggest part of the total budget.
Examples are; rent of the venue, flowers, ceremony, DJ, photographer, etc...
To save, you can only make some cheaper choices on infrastructure, decorations and options.
This is the cost of planning and coordinating your wedding, and most wedding planners charge thousands of Euros for the service.
At Costa Blanca Events, we charge no fixed wedding planner fee, which makes a huge difference.
How do we do that?
We'll explain that on our cost of Costa Blanca Events page, via the link below.
By definition, a destination wedding will create the need and costs for you and your guests to travel. 
Spain, and especially the Costa Blanca, as a major tourist destination, offers great value for your money, much better than most wedding destinations.
Of course, prices also depend on the chosen accommodation, dates and length of stay, where July and August are obviously the most expensive months.
This is one of the frequently asked questions during the no-obligation video calls with couples who are interested in getting married in Spain.
And during the call, we're glad to give them a range of prices to expect for accommodations on their preferred wedding date.
So the question arises; "who pays for them ?"
And we answer that question on our 'who pays for what' page via the link below.
So, to summarize, with good planning, a wedding in the Spanish Costa Blanca is one of the best choices for weddings abroad on a budget.

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