Catholic weddings abroad

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Unlike governments, the Catholic church is an international institute, and therefore, catholic weddings are internationally recognised and valid.

In most countries, the legal wedding must be organised separately.
The Catholic church has it's own conditions to which couples must comply if they want to have a Catholic wedding.
These conditions vary, as they depend on the local priest and bishop.
You're only able to get married once for the Catholic church, it does not recognise divorce.
So, if either bride or groom has been married before in the Catholic church, then it's not possible to do it again.
At least one of both, the bride or groom must be catholic, baptised, en documents thereof must be presented ;
          - Baptismal certificate
          - Authorisation of the local priest of bride and groom.
These documents must be presented when requesting a Catholic wedding abroad. They may not be older than 3 months ( in some cases up to 6 months is allowed ).
The dioceses can also request for additional documents or authorisations.
On average, it takes 6 months to obtain the necessary documents.
The wedding ceremony is held in a church or chapel and is performed in the local language.

Some priests are also willing to do the ceremony in Latin.
Some also allow for a priest from the homeland of the bride and groom to perform the ceremony.

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