Accommodation for a wedding

Photo of a room in one of the accommodation near our most important venues
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We have carefully selected accommodations which are very suitable for groups.
We've negotiated exclusive deals with them, some of them can even be rented exclusively for your group. 
Most of them offer the lowest price on the market guarantee for our groups. 
We strongly recommend to limit the number of accommodations to maximum 3, and there are various reasons for that ;

- it's easier and cheaper to arrange for airport transfers and transport on the wedding day
- it reduces the chance of guests arriving late at the wedding
- it enhances the group experience.

From then on, wedding couple and guests can make their reservations in Yoep-P.
And the wedding couple can view all the reservations of their guests.

We recommend a minimum stay of 3 nights ; ( day 1 = arrival, day 2 = wedding, day 3 = relax or group activity, day 4 = return. 
We don't recommend flying back on day 3 because most airlines fly early in the morning.
Even when you've found an evening flight, airlines can change the departure time up to days before departure. 

And who wants to leave early in the morning on the morning after the wedding?

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