Ventajas de las bodas en el extranjero

Why destination weddings are a good idea

The 3 most important advantages are; more intimate, more time to enjoy your wedding, beautiful sunny outdoor wedding.
1) More intimate! 
You can invite anyone and whomever you want. 
Still, it's improbable that family and friends who you only see on weddings and funerals will attend.
Since - according to wedding etiquette - guests need to pay for their travel and accommodation expenses. 
As a result, only close family and friends will attend, making the wedding much more intimate and personal.
2) it's not all over in a few hours. 
Whereas a home country wedding is all over in just a few hours, a destination wedding usually is a 3-day event.
Often with a welcome dinner on day one, wedding on day 2, and possibly a group breakfast, brunch or excursion on day three. 
Guests decide individually if they want to arrive one or more days earlier, stay longer, and attend (and pay for) the extra activities or meals.
3) Beautiful, sunny outdoor wedding! 
Most destination weddings are celebrated in Southern countries, with a very high probability of a beautiful, sunny wedding day. 
The Spanish Costa Blanca is one of the top wedding destinations in Europe, with 300 days of sunshine per year, and a very mild climate with very little chance of rain during the wedding season ( April - October ).

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