Weddings in Spain Costa Blanca

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Spain is one of the top destinations for a wedding abroad.
Especially the Costa Blanca region, a 200km long coastline stretching from the town of Dénia in the north, until Pilar de la Horadada in the south.

This page contains various topics and answers your first questions about choosing the Costa Blanca for your destination wedding.

Information about the microclimate, especially around the region of Altea in the centre of the Costa Blanca, which is ideal for outdoor weddings.

Celebrating your whole wedding outdoors is unique, but not many countries and regions have the right climate. Even for weddings in Spain, not regions are alike.
The Costa Del Sol in the south, for example, is often much too hot in the summer to celebrate a wedding, whereas the coastal regions in the north of Spain are often even during the summer months too rainy.
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Weddings in Spain Costa Blanca

Map of europe with Spain and the Costa Blanca region
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The Spanish Costa Blanca is one of the top places to get married abroad.

Small villages with cobbled streets, great beaches, a rich tradition, delicious food and beautiful sites.

What more do you want for your destination wedding?

Travelling to the region is easy, due to it's 3 international airports, and lots of low-cost airlines which offer regular flights, making tickets cheap and easy to book.

Because the area is also a popular holiday destination, accommodations are widely available and offer almost unmatched value for money, as do restaurants, bars, etc... 

Are these advantages valid for any wedding in Spain, regardless of which part of Spain?

The answer is no because Spain is a vast country.

Each region has different economic situations with substantially higher prices in major cities like Madrid or Barcelona, or in trendy destinations like Ibiza, Mallorca, Fuerteventura, Malaga, etc...

Also, the climate is very different in the various parts of Spain.

Not all regions are ideal for a wedding outdoor, as you can see on the map with average hours of sunshine and temperatures.

All the above make Costa Blanca weddings very popular, and couples often combine their wedding in the Costa Blanca with a honeymoon or vacation in the region, or in other parts of Spain.

An often chosen combination is some days of relaxing and romance on our beaches, then a Costa Blanca wedding, followed by a visit to Barcelona ( with the Sagrada Familia and other sites of Gaudí, Madrid with its Prado museum, or partying in Ibiza or Marbella.

Spain really offers it all, and more specifically Costa Blanca weddings are truly unique!

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Climate and temperatures

Map with hours of sunshine across Europe and average temperatures in the Costa Blanca
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With 300 days of sunshine per year, the Spanish Costa Blanca has the perfect climate for a destination wedding. 

During the wedding season, the chance of rain is minimal. So when you're getting married in Spain, you don't have to worry about the weather.

Especially the area between Altea and La Villa Joyosa benefits from a very stable microclimate.

If often has a fresh sea breeze which creates just the right temperature for a wedding outdoor.

These exceptional weather conditions are due to the proximity of the mountains surrounding the area, which prevent clouds and rain from spoiling the fun!

On the enclosed map of Europe, you can see that only very few regions in Europe offer such excellent conditions for a destination wedding.

So, read on, and start dreaming of your wedding in Spain!

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Wedding outdoor in the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca weddings all in open air until the early hours
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The Costa Blanca has the perfect climate for a wedding outdoor, 

300 days of sun and only a very slim chance of rain during the wedding season are an ideal climate for a wedding outdoor.

The ceremony, drinks reception, dinner and dance into the night, all in the open air. Unforgettable! 

But it's crucial to choose the right venue for an outdoor wedding.

Renting a villa, for example, is not a good idea, since most of them are located in an urbanization with lots of neighbours.

One of them will surely call the police if you continue to party after 10 PM. 

But Costa Blanca Events has carefully selected venues which make it possible to celebrate your wedding outdoor!

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Costa Blanca Events wedding planners

Logo and photo of Elke and Chris directors of Costa Blanca Events
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Costa Blanca Events is one of the best wedding planners in Spain.

We're professional, very experienced and offer an excellent, personal full wedding planning service.

Because so many wedding couples entrust their destination wedding to us, we're able to negotiate great deals, and we don't charge a fixed wedding planner fee.

So there is no need to plan the wedding yourself.

You'll never be able to negotiate the prices and conditions for your one-time wedding like we do for our approximately forty Costa Blanca Weddings per year.

And since we don't charge a fixed wedding planner fee, you wouldn't save any money either.

So the best way for getting married in Spain is to entrust the planning to a Costa blanca Events.

We're certified, full-time professional wedding planners since 2009.

Since then, then we've created perfects weddings for over 500 wedding couples coming from all over the world.

We live in the area, so we know the local laws, best venues, providers, etc.

We're originally from Belgium, and we speak Spanish, English, Dutch, French and German.

So why wait, make an appointment now for a no-obligation video call during which we listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and explain about venues, costs, how to plan, etc.

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Or make a no obligation appointment during which I'll listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and discuss venues and costs for your wedding in Spain

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