List of services for your wedding

What are the services in a wedding plan?

A wedding is one of the most personal events in a lifetime, so no 2 weddings are equal.

The saying goes that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link! And that certainly goes for planning a wedding!

The challenge most couples are facing is to select the best vendors.
Knowing that they have to do so without any prior experience with them, and without any guarantee that they will live up to the expectations and agreements made.

At Costa Blanca Events, we carefully select our vendors and submit new vendors to various tests before we start working with them.
That's how we know that each of our vendors will 'say what they do, and do what they say', which is our motto too. Because they know that if they don't, they're out!
And of course, none of them wants to risk losing all of our business.

But you also want to make sure to pay the right price. Well, don't worry, with Costa Blanca Events you will!
Because we do so many weddings, we've been able to negotiate far better deals than you'll ever be able to as a 'one-time customer'.
If you find an identical service, for the same date and time elsewhere cheaper, then we modify the price accordingly or offer you the option to book elsewhere
That's just another part of our commitment!

With our venues and vendors. we've negotiated exclusive deals for more than 600 services.
Right from the first contact with us, you'll have access to our online catalogue, with very detailed info and prices for all of them.

But how to choose between the various options for a service?
For example, only for the menu in a venue with internal catering, you can choose between 6 different options.
Each option has a set number of courses, dishes to choose from and the quality of the wine.
To make it easy for you, we call them 'Budget', 'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold', 'Platinum' and 'Diamond'.
Needless to say, that budget is the cheapest option, whereas 'Diamond' is the most expensive one.
An online menu list shows the dishes you can choose at each menu level.
We use the same names for many other services.

We don't believe in 'thirteen-to-the-dozen' wedding packages.
Instead, we create a personal wedding plan based on your wishes and preferences and choice of venue.

During the weeks or months of planning, you can choose to upgrade existing services or add or delete services to your wedding plan and budget.
Compare it to a puzzle, where you start with the most significant pieces and then add pieces as you go along.
Planing a wedding is exactly the same. You start with the venue and date, and those services that you feel are crucial to your wedding, or which are based on exclusivity, such as photographers, musicians, DJ, etc...
With each change, your wedding plan is updated, and your budget re-calculated.

Your guests can order their personal services, like airport transfer, accommodation, hairstylist or makeup artist via our online wedding planner system.

To help you get a better understanding of how a wedding in Spain is planned, we have created a summary version of a wedding plan for you to review.
But on this page, we'll explain the most chosen types of services in chronological order.

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Airport transfer

Airport to accommodation transfer buses

We cooperate with various vendors for airport to accommodation transfer.

1 ) Group transfer to and from your accommodation

For 10 or more people arriving at the same airport with the same flight, or with little time difference, a private shuttle bus transfer is definitely not only the best but also the fastest and the cheapest solution.

A driver will await you in the arrival hall, and accompany you to the bus, which will take you straight to the accommodation. The price depends on the nº of people, the arrival airport, the arrival time and the selected accommodation. Still, prices usually vary between 10-20 € per person, one way.

The same is valid for your departure transfer.

For airport transfer of 10 persons or more, please contact us.

2 ) Individual transfer to and from your accommodation

If you're arriving individually, or with less than 10 persons you can book a private-shared airport shuttle bus transfer

From Alicante airport, we can offer a fast and reliable private-shared shuttle bus transfer from and to the airport.

There are various shuttle buses, depending on your destination, and the coaches have a maximum of 5 stops.

Upon arrival in Alicante airport, you proceed to the bus departure level (-2) where a host will await you.

In medium and high season the shuttle buses are usually available for arrivals from 9 AM to midnight, in the low season other times may apply.

The service is also available for your departure transfer to the airport.

Advanced booking is required via the link below, where you can also see the various destinations, prices etc...

3 ) Rental car

Another good option is a rental car because here on the Spanish Costa Blanca, they're usually very cheap.

Different rental car companies and booking portals offer the best rates on the internet. Still, some rental companies charge excess fees under false pretences, such as 'the car was very dirty' or 'there was a dent' etc.

That's why we prefer to work with only one rental car company, one of the biggest in the region.

They offer good, almost new cars, excellent service, and simple, clear rental agreements, so you don't have to worry about the small print.

To rent a car, you need to have a credit card at hand.

Prices are clearly listed, no hidden extra's, no worries. 

4 ) Taxi Transfer

Although taxis generally are cheap in Spain, public airport taxis are expensive

Various companies offer a private taxi to and from the airport, which is usually less expensive, because they don't have an official taxi license, and so there is a risk involved. 

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Accommodation for a wedding

Photo of a room in one of the accommodation with whom we have negotiated exclusive deals.

We have carefully selected accommodations which are very suitable for groups.
We've negotiated exclusive deals with them, some of them can even be rented exclusively for your group. 
Most of them offer the lowest price on the market guarantee for our groups. 
We strongly recommend to limit the number of accommodations to maximum 3, and there are various reasons for that ;

- it's easier and cheaper to arrange for airport transfers and transport on the wedding day
- it reduces the chance of guests arriving late at the wedding
- it enhances the group experience.

From then on, wedding couple and guests can make their reservations in Yoep-P.
And the wedding couple can view all the reservations of their guests.

We recommend a minimum stay of 3 nights ; ( day 1 = arrival, day 2 = wedding, day 3 = relax or group activity, day 4 = return. 
We don't recommend flying back on day 3 because most airlines fly early in the morning.
Even when you've found an evening flight, airlines can change the departure time up to days before departure. 

And who wants to leave early in the morning on the morning after the wedding?

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Wedding abroad hairstyles and makeup test for the bride

Hairstylist and makeup artist doing a test with a bride

As the bride, you obviously want to make sure that you will look at your best on your wedding day.

Our hairdresser and makeup artist can create that perfect look for you.

But she'll need to know beforehand what you want, and the time required.

Therefore, if the bride wants to book beauty services, a test is mandatory and is done one or more days before the wedding. 

The place, date and time are confirmed shortly before the wedding. 

You can also order an additional test, some weeks or months before the wedding.

This additional test does not replace the one shortly before the wedding since your hair length may be different.

It's also a good idea to refresh your and the hairdresser's memory. 

After the test, everything is returned to normal, so that the hairstyle and makeup remains a secret.

Please always bring a photo of the desired hairstyle and makeup to the appointment. 

Please also bring your hairpieces and accessories.

We recommend to bring your own lip gloss so that you can apply the same later during the day., and if you're allergic to some types of makeup, we recommend to bring your own.

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Welcome dinner

Guests having a drink before the welcome dinner

We're often asked to plan an informal welcome dinner, lunch, or regular dinner, on the day(s) before or after the wedding.

These meals are informal, without reserved seating.

They include water, soft drinks, beer and wine for the duration of the meal.

Unless otherwise specified in the wedding plan, guests need to come by their own means.
The service is only planned by us, but no event coordinator is present.

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What are the tasks and responsibilities of a wedding coördinator?

Wedding coordinators at work during a wedding

On the wedding day, a wedding coordinator is your sole contact person.

He or she ensures that the wedding plan and agreements made with the wedding couple, venue and vendors during the weeks and months of planning with the wedding planner, are followed. 
He makes sure that all goes according to plan, and helps the bride and groom when needed.
He accompanies guests and guides them throughout the day.

The number of wedding coordinators required depends on the number of guests attending your wedding, and on the complexity of the wedding plan.

It's essential to make your guests feel welcome, which is obviously not possible when no one within the organisation speaks their language.
Therefore, unless you can appoint someone in your group to act as a liaison between the wedding coordinator(s) and these guests, a translator is required.

Some, especially beach venues, only have limited or only temporary sanitary facilities. In that case, or if there is less then 1 toilet per 30 guests, a toilet attendant is mandatory. 
Even if not mandatory, for large groups, we recommend a toilet attendant in all venues, so that during the event, the toilets remain clean.

Most venues and event caterers have their own waiters and barmen. 
Still, if you have chosen a private venue or your catering does not include service staff, then we need to order them for you. 

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Bride hair and make up

Hairstylist and makeup artist at work with the bride

On the wedding day, your wedding coordinator arrives together with the hairdresser/makeup artist. 

Because a test has taken place one or more days before, everyone knows what's to do, what to expect, and how long it will take.

Please always bring a photo of the desired hairstyle and makeup to the appointment. 

Please also bring your hairpieces and accessories.

We recommend to bring your own lip gloss so that you can apply the same later during the day., and if you're allergic to some types of makeup, we recommend to bring your own.

The bride manicure service is a French manicure. If you want a different type of service, please consult your wedding planner.

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Guest hair and make up

Hairstylist and makeup artist at work with a guest

If the bride has booked our hairdresser service, then guests can book this service too. 

The service is provided in the accommodation of the bride or in some cases in a salon (on request).
Guests must come to the appointment by their owns means of transport.

Just select the type of service you want, according to your hair type and hairstyle.
Shortly before the wedding, we will confirm the place and time of the appointment.
We'll also advise on how to come to the appointment ( hair washed on that day, wet or dry ).

Please also bring a photo of your desired hairstyle.

Hairpieces, extensions and complicated wedding hairstyles, can be subject to additional costs. 

We also recommend bringing your own lip gloss, so that you can apply the same later during the day.

If you're allergic to some types of makeup, we recommend bringing your own.

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Destination wedding photographer or videographer

Nothing is better than the memories of an unforgettable wedding day., but memories fade with time.

Photos and video are ideal for keeping them alive.

But they also allow you to share your precious moments with friends and colleagues who did not attend the wedding.

Unfortunately, these best moments cannot be repeated, so it's essential that your photographer exactly knows what's going to happen.

Our photographers and videographers know how we work, understand our ceremonies, and the hidden signals we use to guide them.  

That way, they'll be best positioned, with the right camera and lens to make the best shots.


From experience, we know that photos and videos made by family or friends, and even by professional photographers with whom we don't work regularly, always lead to disappointment.


But each photographer or videographer is an artist, who works according to his style and creativity.

Therefore we want to offer our couples a choice between two different agencies.

Each of them with their own packages, prices and style.

So you can choose the right one for your preference and budget.

PC Photographers

PC Photographers is a studio of which the owner and the chief photographer is a member of the very select European association of professional photographers (F.E.P.). 

They are initially from Italy but have lived and worked in Spain for many years. They speak Italian, English and Spanish.

EM Photographers

EM-photographers is a studio whose owner is a former professor of photography at the University of Elche, Spain. They are younger, but also have a lot of experience. The owner speaks Spanish and English, his wife, who accompanies him, speaks Spanish, English and Dutch. 


We have portfolios and some videos of both to help you make the best choice.

On request, we can even give our couples access to one or more galleries and/or videos of former brides and grooms who have given us permission to do so.



The number of photos taken by the photographers on the wedding day depends on the chosen package. 

But they always take much more photos taken than the number that you have ordered in advance.

After the wedding, they select the best photo of each shot.

These images are processed, edited and optimised, which sometimes results in a black and white or sepia image.

When done, a gallery with all the best shots and at least 10% more photos than you've ordered is uploaded to a secure server. 

The online gallery which is only accessible with the login and password they provide.

Then, you can select the photos you want, based on the number included in your package or pay a small extra fee to have them all.

Some adjustments, like changing a colour photo to black and white, can still be done, but the reverse requires a full re-editing of the image, which is subject to a surcharge.



The number of recordings made by videographers on the wedding day depends on the chosen package.

They always shoot a lot more material than needed to make a video of the ordered duration.

We always recommend choosing a package that includes video throughout the day. 

Because if no recordings are made, they cannot include them later in your video.

A trailer is an 'artistic montage of fragments to give a short impression of an event'.

A ceremony video is ideal for capturing the special moments a photo cannot. The unforgettable moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. When the couple shares their vows, or say I do.

The readings, the signing of the certificate, and the music during the ceremony.

A wedding day video, on the other hand, is ideal for capturing all the magical moments of the wedding day.

The videographers start when the bride is getting ready.

They continue to make the best recordings throughout the day, until and including the beginning of the dance party.


After the wedding, they select the best recordings of each shot.

These images are processed, edited and optimised.

Sometimes the videographer has so much footage that he can make a longer or a second video.

If so, we'll contact the wedding couple to ask if they are interested in an upgrade.


Then the videographer edits a video based on the chosen video type and style, using his creativity and artistic freedom. Just like a painter, it is not possible to guide or assist the videographer.

After delivery, up to 2 corrections are included. 

Examples of corrections are replacing one scene by another one of equal duration, or removing a piece of a clip.


When done, the video is exported in HD, and once delivered, that ends the work of the videographers.

It is not possible to obtain the 'raw' images or the fragments that are not used in the video.


If you have chosen a location outside our working area, extra costs will apply. 


External photo or videography is only possible if the person is in compliance with Spanish social security laws.


We reserve the right to use the photos and videos for promotional purposes, but we never publish images in which people are recognisable unless the couple has given us permission to do so. 

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Guest meeting point

Group of guests waiting at the wedding meeting point before a wedding coordinator accompanies them to the ceremony

The guest meeting point is the place where guests arrive before the ceremony and should be easy to find and park.

This can be at the ceremony venue, but it does not have to be.

At the meeting point, one of our wedding coordinators welcomes the guests.

If the meeting point is different from the ceremony venue, guests are then accompanied by our wedding coordinator.

It's just one of the many things we do that all of our wedding couples and their guests can indeed have an unforgettable experience, without stress.

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Transport for guests

Guests getting on the bus for transport to the wedding

Unless all guests are staying within walking distance of the venue, making sure that all guests arrive in time for the ceremony is definitely a challenging topic in destination weddings.

In Spain, taxi's cannot be booked in advance, so it's always a big concern if on the wedding day a cab will be available, and on time for you to arrive at the meeting point.

A rental car could be an option, but since drinking and driving is a terrible idea, all driver can only drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Another concern is that the majority of your guests are unfamiliar with the region, and some venues can be challenging to find, even with navigation systems.
Even drivers of express parcel services often need to call because they cannot find a location.

So, the best option is to organize a bus service for your guests.

We can order buses for 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24, 35 and 54 passengers, so there is always one that fits your group.

Each bus can have a maximum of 3 stops, providing that they're not too far apart.
That way, if your guests are staying in up to 3 different accommodations, we can arrange for one bus to pick them all up. 

The bus will then bring your guests to the meeting point.

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Wedding setup ideas and setting

example of wedding setup ideras and setting

The 'setting' is where you will celebrate the most memorable moment of your wedding day, the ceremony.
Therefore, the choice of setting is an important one.

At Costa Blanca Events, we offer 13 different types of setting, each available in 'romantic' or bohemian style and adapted to your choice of theme, colours and preferences.

That is why we leave nothing to chance and spend a lot of care to your wedding setting. 
It is one of the many things where our couples always are delighted about.

After all, it's the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at the venue.
The first thing you will see, and the backdrop for the groom when he first sees his bride upon arrival for the ceremony.
At the same time, it's the framework for many of your wedding photos.

Most wedding planners don't own a wedding setting, and are therefore dependent on the one of the wedding venue or have to rent a wedding setting. 
That makes it difficult for you to know how your setting will look on the wedding day.

Costa Blanca Events has its own wedding settings.
We don't have to rent and are not dependent on the material of the wedding venue.
We can show you how your wedding setting will look on your wedding day.

In some venues, the choice of wedding settings that we can offer is limited.
Either because the time provided for installation is restricted, or because we need to adapt the setting to existing infrastructure.

The wedding setting is like a blank canvas.
In addition to the type of setting, you choose a theme, colours, colour of the carpet, chairs, chair decorations, seating plan, altar decorations, entrance decorations, etc.
All of these choices make your setting genuinely unique and personal!

The setting includes the sound system for the officiant during the ceremony, lectern, windlight, easels, transport and build up in venues where we can drive up to the ceremony place.

In venues which we don't work with, and/or where the ceremony place is not accessible by van, surcharges may apply.

The carpet is not included. The standard carpet width for the ceremony aisle is 2 meters.
In some venues or churches, we must cut the carpet to the width available. 

Altar and wedding setting decorations and bouquets make the ceremony setting complete.
In the seating plan, you choose the number of chairs per row, and the number of rows. 

In a formal seating plan, the wedding couple is seated with their backs towards their guests.
In an informal seating plan, the wedding couple is diagonally facing the guests and the officiant. 
The informal seating plan is less traditional, and there is more (eye) contact during the ceremony, often making it emotional. 

The setting has a fixed price and a price per chair. 
We always place some additional chairs without extra charge, because often empty chairs remain. 

Please check in the description of your chosen venue which seating plans are possible or recommended. 

Each seating plan also indicates the length of the aisle carpet you need to order. 

Carpet decorations are placed on the aisle, before the arrival of the bride. Typically flower petals are chosen, but other options are depending on the selected theme, such as shells, glitter, etc. 
Some venues and churches don't allow carpet decorations, so please consult with your wedding planner before ordering any. 

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Wedding flowers for the setting

The flowers for the wedding setting are included in our wedding settings.
They are adapted to your theme, style, flowers and colours.

Of course, you can add additional flower arrangements to your wedding plan.

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Chair decorations

Chair decorations are not included in the wedding setting, but they do make the picture complete. 
They usually fixed on the odd row numbers along the aisle, meaning that if you have for example 9 rows of chairs, you may wish to order 10 pieces ( rows 1,3,5,7,9 and on both sides ). 

We adapt them to your chosen theme and colours.

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Wedding themes and decorations

Moodbook of wedding themes

This is a topic on which most brides have a clear idea, right from the start! It all starts with your choice of theme ( or a combination thereof ).

We've created mood books for the most chosen themes; less is more, vintage, boho chic, beach, crystal, greenery, wood and bling. But we welcome your mood book, for example on Pinterest, or send us photos of the style, theme and decorations you want, and we'll create it for you!

At Costa Blanca Events, we have a warehouse full of decorations, so we usually don't have to buy anything especially for you. This makes creating your dream wedding a lot easier and cheaper! 

We work with a very professional florist, who imports her flowers directly from the largest flower auction worldwide, in Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands. Beautiful, fresh flowers, just as you dreamt them on your wedding day!

The theme serves as a basis for all decorations on your wedding day.

Decoration of the wedding setting, reception, centrepieces for dinner, 'cosy corners', and much more.

The theme pack includes adapting the chosen wedding setting to your theme.

For dinner the theme includes ;

  • an easel with the dinner seating plan
  • table numbers if you have multiple tables
  • place holders
  • A table runner if you have chosen rectangular or imperial tables
  • a decorative non-flower centrepiece per 8 people. 

All decorations are chosen by us based on your venue, wedding setting and theme, and decorations available at the time of your wedding. 

We continuously invest in new decorations and replace older or missing ones. Therefore, unless you contract individual decorations, custom services and a wedding decorator, it is not possible to obtain more information or photos before your wedding. 

Apart from the theme, you can select a colour, so we can further adapt the decorations in the to your preference (if possible and subject to availability). The choice of colour has no impact on the cost unless you specifically instruct us to provide specific decorations or non-standard/available colours.

You can further enhance the theme with our choice of additional decorations, centrepieces, etc.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, decorations are removed at the end of the dinner.

Decorations brought by the bridal couple are always on request and not advisable. If you do want to bring your own decorations, they must be delivered to the venue no later then 3 hours before the ceremony. 

Only our team is allowed to place and remove decorations and other objects for which a surcharge is applicable. 

A dress code informs your guests of the style of the wedding and requests them to adapt their clothing accordingly. Choosing a dress code is not mandatory, but if you do, you can also select a colour preference.

Can't find what you're looking for then our custom decorations service is the way to go, since it makes, well, almost everything possible!

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The possibilities for decorations on your wedding day are almost endless.
But it's important that everything matches, which is why we work with themes and mood books.

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Wedding couple holding signs with Mr right and Mrs always right on the beach

Standard signs like 'ceremony', 'reception' or 'dinner' can serve as a guide to help your guests find their way, especially in large venues.

Decorative signs, on the other hand, add to the theme and decorations. These signs can have famous sayings like 'choose a seat, not a side, we're all family.'

Custom signs are made, especially for you and make the decoration even more personal.

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Wedding bouquets and flowers for the wedding party

Bride and groom holding the brides bouquet during a photoshoot.

On the wedding day, flowers are not only used as decoration, but the wedding party also wears them.

It all starts with the bride's bouquet. 

There are lots of options to where and when the bride will receive her bouquet. 

The 2 most popular are ;

  • When the bride arrives at the ceremony before anyone sees her. That way, the flowers remain fresh and in water for as long as possible.
  • During a first contact between the wedding couple. For example, in the accommodation, a garden or even in another venue.


Maid of honour, bridesmaids and children often also wear flowers.

They can have a bridesmaid bouquet, which essentially is a smaller version of the bride's bouquet.

Or a corsage which is a wrist bouquet


Crowns or hair accessories with flowers are another option.


The groom, and often also both fathers, best man, groomsmen and ushers wear a buttonhole.

On our photo gallery website, you will find many examples of all of these flower options.

But you're welcome to send us a photo of your dream bouquet, and we will ask the florist for advice on availability and quotation.

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Flower petals

Flower petals on the aisle during a wedding

Flower petals are not only a beautiful symbol of happiness and prosperity, but they also make for great photos.

One way is to decorate both sides of the aisle with them.

Another option is to ask ( usually young ) children to carry them in a basket and throw them on the carpet during the processional.

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Child care during a wedding

Moodbook of child attendants with kids during a wedding

Child attendants ensure parents can celebrate the wedding without continuously attending to their children. 

These child attendants are usually non-licensed adolescents.

We contract them on your behalf without assuming any responsibility for the children, who permanently remain under the control and responsibility of their parents. 

We can also contract licensed persons, such as kindergarten teachers, nanny's or nurses, but the cost is substantially higher.
In case of doubt or questions, please contact your wedding planners.

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Music during the wedding reception

Musicians playing during the wedding reception

During the reception, we can play your playlist in MP3 format on the sound system, which is included in our wedding arrangements.

If you've forgotten to bring your playlist, our wedding coordinator always has one too.

Live streaming is not recommended, because often in venues the wifi is not reliable or fast enough.

But, we can also order live musicians, like a guitar player, singer, etc.

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Welcome drink

Welcome drink

A welcome drink is served upon the arrival of the guests at the ceremony venue. 

During the drink, guests can get familiar with the setting and have a look where then need to be seated.

The welcome drink is included in our wedding arrangements.

An extra welcome drink is mandatory if there is a break or transport of guests. 

The welcome drink is a little break, a so-called "buffer" while we wait for all guests to arrive.

It ensures that the rest of the day proceeds as planned.

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Paper fans

Guests waving with a paper fan during a wedding ceremony.

During spring and summer, temperatures can be very high in Spain. So your guests will very much appreciate for you to provide a paper fan for them, which will be waiting for them upon arrival at the ceremony venue.

Although a paper fan is traditionally used only by women, we know from experience that men also appreciate this very much. Therefore, recommend that you order a paper fan for all guests.

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Wedding officiant

The costa Blanca Events wedding officiant performing the ceremony

The wedding officiant is the person who leads the ceremony.

In a religious ceremony, that would be the priest.
In a legal ceremony, that would be the official from the civil registry.
In a ceremonial wedding, the ceremony is officiated y Costa Blanca Events.

The Costa Blanca Events officiant is included in our wedding arrangements.

Our Perfect and Fantastic arrangements include the opening and closing words, which can be upgraded to a full personal service.
Our Cosy and Exquisit arrangements always include a full, personal ceremony.

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Ceremony seating plan

Ceremony seating plan

In the seating plan, you choose the number of chairs per row, and the number of rows. You also choose between a 'formal' or an 'informal' plan. 

In a formal seating plan, the wedding couple is seated with their backs towards their guest.

In an informal seating plan, the wedding couple is diagonally facing the guests and the officiant. 

The informal seating plan is less traditional, and there is more (eye) contact during the ceremony, often making it emotional. 

The plan is created by your wedding planner, based on your guest list.

We look at the family relation and the functions you've assigned to some of your guests.

Then, based on wedding etiquette, these guests will have reserved seating, always together with their partners.

Other guests will have free seating behind the reserved seating area.

Our wedding arrangements include personal welcome cards for each guest, which shows them if, and if so, where they have reserved seating for the ceremony.

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Ceremony seating

Ceremony seating

Taking a seat for the ceremony can be a lengthy process, but not so with Costa Blanca Events.
Our seating plans and organization make it very easy and stress-free for each guest to take their seat.
This shortens the time guests must wait for the arrival of the bride.

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Ceremonial car and transport for wedding party and guests

Wedding coordinator opening the door fro the bride when she arrives at the ceremony

In most venues, it's possible for the bride and the person who gives her away to arrive in a ceremonial car. It certainly adds to the magical moment when the wedding couple sees each other for the first time.

Why is the ceremonial car always included in our wedding arrangements?

The answer is simple because it's by far the most beautiful and best option for the arrival of the bride.
What are the advantages? 

  • The time that the groom and guests must wait for the arrival of the bride is significantly shortened.
    Especially in summer, when temperatures can be high, this a huge advantage.
  • The bride can wait in the comfort of an air-conditioned car until all guests are seated.
  • The bride will only be seen when she arrives at the ceremony, instead of walking from afar.
  • The ceremonial car is driven by our wedding coordinator, who coordinates the arrival, and opening of the doors with the photographers so they can make the best shots.
  • The car is then silently parked away, so there is no disturbance of this magical moment

Can I bring my own car?

Yes, you can, but we highly recommend to have our wedding coordinator take over the wheel for the last part.
This ensures that your guest can take a seat before the arrival of the bride. 

So what about transport for other members of the wedding party?
In Spain, they usually arrive together with the other guests at the ceremony venue.
But, if you want, we can also arrange separate ceremonial transport for them.

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Music for the wedding ceremony

Guitar player and singer during an outdoor wedding ceremony in Spain

The musical entertainment of a wedding in Spain is of course as important as in any country. 

So what are the options for music when your guests arrive, for the ceremony and for the reception afterwards? 

Our wedding setting includes a sound system, on which we can play the songs you want for the ceremony. 

Contracting live musicians for your ceremony has 3 main advantages.

They start playing about 15 minutes before the ceremony when your guests arrive.

They can fill up the various moments of silence during the ceremony with a short improvisation in the style of the songs you've chosen.

At the end of the ceremony, they continue to play for another 15 minutes.

But last, and certainly not least, live music is so much more emotional then recorded music.

If you've contracted live musicians, you can order them for an extra session, so that they play until the end of the reception.

During the reception, we can play your playlist in MP3 format on the sound system, which is included in our wedding arrangements.

If you've forgotten to bring your playlist, our wedding coordinator always has one too.

Live streaming is not recommended, because often in venues the wifi is not reliable or fast enough.

The sound system comes with a microphone, which is also handy if there are speeches.

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Bridesmaids walking the pre-prcessional

The pre-processional is when the groom walks the aisle with - usually - his mother, but can also include best man, groomsmen, maid of honour, bridesmaids, and flower children.

It's not mandatory to have a pre-processional, and in fact, most wedding couples prefer not to have one.
In that case, the groom will stand at the front, waiting for his bride to arrive.

If you do have a pre-processional, and you didn't contract life musicians, then you need to upload the music for the pre-processional in MP3 format.

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Bride and her father walking the processional

The processional is when the bride walks the aisle with - usually - her father, but can also include maid of honour, bridesmaids, and flower children.

The groom awaits his bride at the front of the wedding setting.

If you didn't contract live musicians, then you need to upload the music for the processional in MP3 format.

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Wedding ceremony

Moodbook images of couples during their wedding ceremony in Spain

Our ceremony is one of the many highlights of your wedding day because it's so personal.

So often, ceremonies are lengthy, boring, not personal.
Not so when you entrust the planning of your wedding and ceremony to Costa Blanca Events.

Our ceremonies are a perfect mix of informal and formal moments, with just the right level of respect for wedding etiquette.

The content is always different, but there is a specific structure in our ceremonies.

  • It begins with a personal welcome word for you and for the persons close to you, parents, grandparents, children, best man, maid of honour, etc.
  • If you want, we can include a brief moment of reflection for those who unfortunately cannot attend, either due to health, age or because they're deceased.
  • Then 2 guests, usually the mothers of the wedding couple, light a candle, which is the first part of the unity candle ceremony.
  • The next part is the personal part, so how do we do that?
    During the weeks of planning, with various video calls, we get to know you a bit better.
    But we'll never know you as well as your close family and friends.
    That's why we ask them for a bit of help.
    When they log in to our online wedding planner system, they're asked to answer a few questions about the wedding couple.
    About your childhood, studies, work, how you've met, your life together, hobbies, proposal and children.
    All of this information is treated with respect and in absolute respect of privacy.
    Then, shortly before the wedding, we use that info to write your wedding ceremony.
    It includes the "who", the "when", "where" and the "why" of the wedding. 
    During this part, there is room for short personal input of the guests.
  • then the wedding couple lights their unity candle, using the 2 candles lit by their guests at the beginning of the ceremony.
    This candle is a symbol of your commitment you get to take the candle home with you. 
    The tradition is that you'll light this candle on every wedding anniversary to commemorate your commitment to each other.
  • Then starts the official part of the ceremony, with the reading of the statutory provisions and obligations of marriage
  • In the next section, the wedding couples exchanges their vows and say their I' Do's'.
    Not all couples want to exchange personal vows, and that's ok too.
  • Finally, it's time to exchange the rings and 'the first kiss.'
  • But no ceremony can end without confirming your commitments, by signing the wedding certificate.
    You can each bring 2 witnesses to co-sign.
  • After a few closing words, guests stand, the music is started for the recessional, which marks the end of the ceremony. 

The ceremony is performed in Dutch or English and can include fragments of German, French or Spanish. 

If you want the ceremony to be done by a native German, French, Spanish or Russian speaker, then you need to contract an additional wedding coordinator in the requested language(s).

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Bride and groom walking the recessional with flower petals dwirling around

The recessional is when the wedding couple leaves the setting at the end of the ceremony, followed by their guests.

If you didn't contract live musicians, then you need to upload the music for the processional in MP3 format.

The wedding couple ( and often the members of the wedding party ) form a receiving line.

Then guests pass by to congratulate them, before being offered a drink.

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Receiving line

Guests congratulating the wedding couple in the receiving line.

After the ceremony, your guests will be eager to congratulate you, and the best way for them to do that is if you make a 'receiving line'.

At the end of the recessional, the wedding couple, and often other members of the wedding party, stand in a line.
Guests leaving the wedding setting then pass by this line to congratulate, before continuing to the bar for a drink.

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Wedding reception

Drinks and canapes lied up for the wedding reception

After the wedding ceremony the reception starts, during which guests can congratulate the newlyweds, and drinks and appetizers are served, depending on the type of reception chosen.

During the reception there is also time for a photoshoot, starting with the wedding couple, then gradually adding guests in order of their importance to the wedding couple.

The reception usually takes 1 hour, but can be prolonged beforehand.

This is especially recommendable if you want to dedicate more time for the photoshoot. 

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Spanish ham

Spanish ham being cut by a maestro cortador

It's typical Spanish to contract a Spanish ham cutter during the reception.

Cutting ham is Spain is not taken lightly.

It's a professional who has studied to become a "maestro cortador".
He only uses carefully selected hams and cuts them so thin that you can almost see through the slices.

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Gifts for the wedding couple

Gifts for the wedding couple

The reception is also the ideal moment to give your gifts to the wedding couple.

We don't 'plan' a specific moment for this, but leave it to each guest to decide when is the most appropriate time.

As wedding planners, we're not allowed to take responsibility for any valuables or gifts.

Therefore, we recommend the wedding couple to appoint a person of trust to safe keep the gifts, especially envelopes with may contain money.

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Wedding day photoshoot

Moodbook of a wedding day photoshoot

During the second part of the reception, a photoshoot is organised, which starts with the wedding couple.

In our online platform, you can appoint one or more 'photoshoot coordinators'.
It's crucial that between them, they know all of your guests and your relationship with them.
That way, they can ask the guests, in order of importance to you, to join the photoshoot.

At the end of the wedding reception, all guests will have joined, which is the perfect moment for group photos.

A photoshoot on another location is also possible.
In that case, the reception must be prolonged because the guests cannot be left unattended unless a pause is planned during which guest freshen up for dinner and dance.

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Wedding group photo

Wedding group photo

The reception usually ends with a group photoshoot.

Some photos of your whole group.

Since they're all together, it's the perfect moment for the wedding coordinator to invite them to the wedding dinner.

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Beautiful combination of functional and decorative lighting for a wedding in Spain

Since most weddings in Spain are celebrated outdoors, lighting is an important part.

Lighting can be used only for decoration to create a wow effect.

Some venues may require extra lighting.
Either because they have insufficient light or because it's too 'cold' and not suitable to create the right atmosphere for a wedding dinner.

Finally, lighting and special light effects are also important during the dance party.

Please consult the lighting requirements or recommendations with your wedding planner.

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Wedding tables and chairs

Photo of round banquet tables set for a wedding in Spain

Venues with internal catering usually have their own furniture, which is included in the price of the menu. 

Venues with external catering usually don't have their own furniture, in which case it's usually included in the price of the catering.

If your venue does not include furniture, or if you want a type of furniture which is not included, we can rent that for you.

There are various options for tables ;

  • Banquet tables are large, round tables of 1.6 or 1.8-meter diameter.
    Each table can seat a minimum 8 and maximum of 12 persons. More is not possible.
    These tables are usually decorated with a 'centrepiece' without a table runner.
  • Another option is to create long rectangular tables.
    To achieve this, one or more event tables of 1.80 x 0.70 meter each are used.
    Since they are of standard width, there is little room for table decorations, which is why this option is rarely chosen.
  • That brings us to another frequently preferred option, the 'imperial' table. This is basically 2 rows of rectangular tables joint together to form a table of 1.4 meters wide, and as long as required.
    This type of table allows for a lovely table runner and decorations in the middle, and therefore much more festive.
  • Vintage wooden tables and accompanying chairs are also often used.
    They're never included in the venue or catering, and must therefore always be rented at additional cost.
    But they don't require much decoration.
    Since there is limited availability of these tables, we recommend to order them asap.

All of them can be combined with a 'presidential table', for the wedding couple and members of the wedding party.
Only a minority of wedding couples nowadays choose to have a presidential table. If they do, it can be either type of table, but persons are seated on one side only, all facing their guests. So, on a banquet table, this means a maximum of 8 persons. In contrast, a rectangular or imperial 'presidential' table can be created as long as you want.

Please consult the furniture requirements or recommendations with your wedding planner.

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Table distribution

Example of table distribution and table numbers

The table distribution is how the tables will be set for your wedding dinner. It determines 4 things ;

  1. The type of tables ( banquet, rectangular, imperial and presidential ), 
    You can choose between the available types which are included in the venue or catering.
    You can also decide to order us to rent other tables and chairs for you.
  2. The number of tables.
    The number of tables is determined by your guest list and within the availability of the venue.
  3. The way the tables are placed in the venue
    The distribution cannot be chosen randomly, because it depends on the available space in the venue.
    Table 1 is always the table of the wedding couple and is placed in the best position in the venue, facing your guests.
    Then, even table number, starting with table number 2, is placed on one side of table 1, and odd table numbers, starting with table number 3 on the opposite side.
    So, the higher the table number, the further the table will be from the wedding couple's table.
  4. The seating plan for your guests.
    Based on the above, you can create your dinner seating plan in Yoep-P, our online platform.
    That's easy, and all you need to do is to assign a table and chair to each confirmed guest.
    But to save time, we recommend making a small card with his or her name for each guest.
    Then, make the layout on your table and shift the cards until you're satisfied.
    When done, write the table name and chair on each card.
    Finally, enter the table numbers and chairs in Yoep-P.

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centerpieces and table decoration

Example of a flower centrepiece

Our wedding arrangements include a theme for your wedding, which in turn comprises table decorations.
But you can add additional centrepieces which will then also be adapted to your theme and theme colours. 

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Example of our placeholder bottle

A placeholder has 2 functions. The primary purpose used to be to show each guest his or her reserved chair for the wedding dinner.

But over the years an increasing number of persons have food intolerances, such as lactose, nuts, seafood, etc.
But also vegetarians, vegans and pregnant women may need a special menu.

Caterers must know these special diet requirements in advance so that on the wedding date, each guest will be served a menu accordingly.
Often this makes it difficult for the waiters to determine which dish to serve to a person.

At Costa Blanca Events we've designed unique placeholder bottles with 3 different functions ;

  1. to show the guest his or her reserved chair
  2. to show the guest that his diet requirements are known to the caterers
  3. to show the waiters the special diet requirements ( if any ) of each guest

The crystal bottle shows the names of the wedding couple and of the guest, table number and chair, and his or her diet requirements.

This bottle can be filled with any liquor, sand, flower (subject to a surcharge). 
After the wedding dinner, this bottle can be taken home as a gift to the guest.

Nowadays, all groups have guests with food intolerances or dietary requirements.
So, to avoid confusion during seating, this service is mandatory for all seated wedding dinners and included in our wedding arrangements.

The design can be customized to your preference (subject to a surcharge). 

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Wedding dinner music

Guitar player booked as wedding dinner music

A little background music during dinner adds extra atmosphere, but most venues don't offer background music.

But our wedding arrangements include a sound system with an integrated music player and connected microphone.

You can bring your own playlist in MP3 format on your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player and connect it via the aux jack to our sound system.
A microphone is available for speeches.

Live music is, of course, much better, and musicians bring their own sound system.
We offer various musicians, piano, jazz piano, cello, singer, etc. from elegant background to more uptempo jazz.

Especially our guitar player is very much appreciated by our wedding couples and their guests.
He plays all styles, but mainly Latin and is a true master in creating the right atmosphere for dinner.
A session is 2 x 45 minutes with a 15-minute pause, but you can prolong to cover the whole duration of the dinner.

The right music makes your wedding day even more memorable!

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Wedding dinner seating

wedding dinner seating plan and cards

Getting all the guests seated for dinner can be a lengthy, and often even chaotic process.
Not so with Costa Blanca Events. 

Our perfect organization makes it very easy for your guests to find their spot.

Upon arrival at the welcome drink, they receive a personal welcome card, which shows their table and chair for dinner.

On each table, we place a table number ( which is removed once all guests are seated )

Finally, each guest has a personal placeholder.

Once all guests are seated, we announce the wedding couple.

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Wedding dinner

Examples of dishes during a wedding dinner

The wedding dinner is another highlight of the day. The type of catering and menu depends on the venue and your choices and preferences.
In most venues, you can choose between a sit-down dinner or a walking dinner.
There are 2 types of venues; 

  1. ones that have 'internal' catering, such as wedding banquet halls, hotels, etc.
    If you choose a venue with internal catering, you have to contract their catering.
  2. ones without internal catering, so we need to contract an external caterer for you.

What are the differences between these two?

Venues with internal catering, usually also have their own menus, which are often typically Spanish and not to international standards. 
This is especially so for meat and side dishes.

So we've ordered a renowned chef to created special Costa Blanca Events menus.
They're are sufficiently defined for our wedding couples, but leave enough room for the venues' chef to adapt the dish to his style and presentation. 
Our chef has also defined the prices venues may charge for them.
Often they're significantly lower than the venues' own menu prices.

Our menu offers 5 different menu compositions, from 3 to 7 courses, from low-budget but elegant to exquisite gourmet dining, each with an extensive list of dishes to choose from.

But each of our venues is allowed to define which menu level is their minimum.
They're also allowed to charge a small fixed fee for our menus, which we included in the total cost of the venue.

Your wedding script shows the minimum menu requirements of your venue and a link to the menu choices.

For venues without internal catering, you can choose between the 3 caterers we work with.

Our external catering partners are carefully selected, each offering a different style, but always offering great value for money.  

The main difference is that everything must be rented and brought in, tables, chairs, plates, glasses etc..., but also kitchen infrastructure, chefs, waiters etc..
This, of course, comes at a cost, which for smaller groups (up to 50 persons) makes external catering usually more expensive.

In both catering options, the wedding couples choose a set menu, which is served to all guests. 

However, via our proprietary online Yoep-P system, guests can advise us of their diet requirements, intolerances and even preferences.
On the wedding day, these guests are then served a menu corresponding to their diet. 

All of our menus unlimited wine, beer water and soft drinks are included during the dinner, with a maximum of 2.5 h.
The chosen menu level also determines the quality and maturity of the wine.

Often guests contact us and ask if they can do a speech, photo slideshow or act during dinner.
Of course, that is possible, but guests must notify us so that we can ask the kitchen to provide a pause between courses.

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Wedding favours

Some examples of wedding favours

A wedding favour is a small gift from the wedding couple to each guest.

That way, the couple shows their appreciation and gratefulness for the attendance of the guest.
It usually only is a small, inexpensive souvenir.

Often, it also serves a practical purpose on the wedding day.
An example thereof is our wedding dinner placeholder bottle, which is included in our wedding arrangements.

Another example is a paper fan, printed with the names of the wedding couple and their wedding date.
It's not only a typical Spanish souvenir but also a useful one to create a cooling breeze during the ceremony or dinner.

But there are many other options, like 'bride and groom flip flops', mini bottles of Spanish olive oil or liquor, personalized soap bars, etc...

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Wishing tree wedding, guestbook, balloons and other wishes

Wishing tree wedding, guestbook, balloons and other wishes

On the wedding day, guests express their wishes to the wedding couple.
But what are the best options to do so?


The most classical one is a guest book.
A guest book is one, if not the most traditional option.
Unfortunately, guests are often reluctant to write something, and even if they do, it's usually only a short entry.
So, at the end of the day, the book will be nearly empty.

An option is for one of the guests to pass the book along during the dinner.
That's more likely to result in more entries, but it does create interruptions in the ambience of the dinner.


These individual cards are placed on the tables, together with pens.
Guests can write a wish at their own convenience. 
The cards can then be hung on one of the below options.


Is a fully automated 'Selfie photosystem'. Guests stand before the booth, press a button, and after a 3-2-1 countdown, a photo is taken.
The photo is then printed, and the guests can write a wish on the back.
The photos can then be hung on one of the below options.
After the wedding, the photos are also available digitally.


A beautiful, white, artificial wish tree is placed near the dinner tables.
Guests hang the 'I wish cards' or photos are in it.
Once the dinner is over, and the dance party is well underway, the tree is emptied and the cards or photos handed to the wedding couple.
After that, the tree is removed.


A rope is suspended between 2 trees or other supports in the venue.
Guests hang the 'I wish cards' or photos on the drying line.
The advantage over the I wish tree, is that the drying line is not removed by us.
It's up to the wedding couple, or the guests to secure the cards or photos at the end of the dance party.


Is a wooden frame, with a glass front and a piggy bank slot on the top.
It comes with wooden hearts, on which guests can write a short wish.
When done', they're slid into the frame, ready for the wedding couple to take home as a touchable memory of the wishes on their wedding day.  


A Thai fortune lampion is a great eastern tradition, a rice paper 'balloon' with a lit candle below which heats the air in the balloon and makes it fly.
Because it can be hot in Spain, and the lampion uses an open flame, they're prohibited in Spain.
But of course, Costa Blanca Events has found a great alternative, just as lovely, but without the fire risk!
A giant wish helium-filled wish balloon with light, on which guests write their wishes during the wedding dinner. 
The helium makes the balloon go up, while the light ensures that you can still see the balloon from kilometres distance.
After dinner, photos are taken while the balloon is released, 

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Speeches and acts

Groom holding a speech on his wedding

It's a tradition that the best man and maid of honour hold a speech during the wedding dinner.
Some guests may also do one, do an act, or another surprise.

But it's essential to get the timing right.

During the months of planning, we have created a detailed plan for the wedding, based on the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.
What they, and we, don't know are the plans made by guests, such as speeches, video's, songs, dances or other acts.
But we must know about all speeches, songs, videos, acts, dances, etc. beforehand.

Only then can we - without telling the wedding couple - include them in our planning.

This allows us to avoid different actions 'clashing' with each other, food being served cold, etc ...

Therefore, please advise us of your plans via this platform, no later than at the planning closing date.

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Fireworks during a wedding.

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate a wedding.

However, due to the fire risk, there are legal restrictions, and they're complicated.

Spanish federal law is topped by regional state laws, which in turn are topped by local town hall regulations.
Getting it right, and acting within the law can be very challenging, but essential since the fines and risks are enormous!

We only work with a professional company that knows what they are doing. 

In the price, a mandatory lorry filled with water is included, in case something goes wrong.
Only professional pyrotechnics are allowed to do them, making the cost of fireworks substantially higher than 'just buying a few crackers' in a store.

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Wedding cake, cupcakes or designer cakes

Wedding couple cutting the cake

The wedding cake is a very traditional part of the wedding day, and oh so delicious!

But what are the options?

  1. a multi-tier wedding cake.
    The most traditional one is a (big) multi-tier cake, which in Spain is traditionally cut with a sword!
    A wedding cake is ordered for a specific number of persons, which not necessarily corresponds with your number of guests.
    You can order a huge cake, which exceeds your number of guests, or a tiny 'cutting cake' and combine it with individual cakes.
    So how to decide on the number of portions for your cake?
    To make it easy for you, we've created a wedding cake size and portions reference card.
    The style, colour and decoration of the cake are adapted to your theme and preferences.
    For a small fee, the cake can be equipped with a 3-dimensional decoration with sugar letters, chocolate, marzipan, or even an ornament.
    And you can bring your cake topper too, but do let us know the diameter of your topper so that it fits on your cake.
  2. Individual designer cakes
    Our 'Pasteles del Mediterraneo'= Pastries from the Mediterranean, are individual designer cakes.
    You can either order one, or a different one for men and women, or a mix of 6 different ones to place on a buffet.
    If you go for a buffet, you need to order at least 10% extra cakes, so that the last guest is not left with just one cake to choose from.
  3. Cupcakes
    Cupcakes are small cakes made per person.
    They consist of a cake, with buttercream and decoration on top.
  4. individual mini cakes
    These are approximately 3 x 4 cm, so just one bite and one portion includes 2,5 mini cakes.
    So for 100 persons, well order 250 mini cakes in different styles and flavours.
    That way, each guest can taste a few different ones.
    They're either served in the middle of the table, or on a buffet. 

When is the wedding cake served?
That, of course, depends on the wishes of the couple.
Traditionally, the cake is served as a dessert after dinner, before the party starts. Still, some couples want the cake to be served during the reception after the ceremony.
The individual options are usually combined with a small wedding 'cutting' cake which the wedding couple then cuts with a sword.

Is it possible to provide an ice cream cake?
Due to the high temperatures and the time it will take to cut and serve an ice cream cake, we cannot offer this option.
But we do have an alternative to ice cream cake lovers.
We can order mini-ice-cakes. Small works of art that should not be cut and should not be taken so far in advance of the fridge.
The bride and groom get a mini ice-cutting cake and below are the mini ice-cakes displayed.

Can we do a tasting first?
You need to order approximately 2 weeks in advance, and the tasting cake has a small cost.
You choose the flavours you want to taste, and we make sure that they are ready for you.

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Party music after dinner

Guests dancing during the open air wedding dance party

The dance party is for most wedding couples and their guests a vital part of the day.

So they want to make sure that the music is right, but what are the options?

  1. 1) DJ
    This is by far the most chosen option, and in our experience, also the best options.
    And we work with 2 great DJ's, one for international wedding couples, and one for Spanish couples.
    Our main DJ is also the owner of a popular radio station in the Costa Blanca.
    It's his day job to please his listeners with a variety of styles and artists.
    But his best quality is to feel 'the vibe' on the dance floor, and choose his music accordingly so that the party keeps going with a full dance floor.
    He has more than 80000 songs on his hard drive, so he's sure to accommodate any requests.
    But we want to give him a head start.
    Therefore we ask our wedding couples to submit their DJ instructions.
    First dances, of course.
    But also a 'DO' and a 'DO NOT' list, which contains the periods, artists, songs, ... you absolutely want him to play, and the ones you absolutely don't want to hear.
  2. a band
    There are various cover bands in the region, so there surely is one or more you like.
    To avoid complaints from neighbours, after 10 PM venues only allow bands to play indoors.
    During the short break of the band, and after the band has stopped, the DJ takes over.
    However, we often see that this changeover is a moment that guests use to return to their accommodations.
    Therefore, in our experience, hiring only a DJ is not only cheaper but also avoids guests leaving the party early. 
  3. a playlist
    This is an option we absolutely not recommend unless you just want to use it as background music.
    For smaller groups, that can be an option.
    But for a regular dance party, this does not allow for the interaction and choice of music, a DJ needs to keep the dance floor going. 

Music in the open.

Almost all countries have noise restrictions from 10 PM onwards, some a bit later.

Individual licenses are only issued to big or government-organized events, not for weddings.

And since most weddings in Spain are celebrated outdoors until the early hours, this is an important issue.

The solution looks very simple, just avoid complaints.

But that's easier said than done because music reaches very far.

There are 2 options to minimize the risk of complaints so that you can party until the early hours.

  1. 1) Choose a venue which is so isolated, then nobody can complain.
    This is definitely the most efficient solution, but not practical, as you don't want your venue to be that remote.
  2. 2 ) Contract Costa Blanca Events for your wedding.

How do we minimize the risk of complaints?

the answer is a twofold ;

  1. carefully select the venues we work with.
    There is, for example, a great venue in the centre of Altea.
    It's surrounded by thousands of neighbours, so any dance party there can only take place in its very small, indoor disco.
    So we don't work with them.
    Our Paradise cove beach venue, for example, is located next to a hill, which shields neighbours from the music.
  2. Use a unique directional sound system.
    Costa Blanca Events has invested, together with our DJ's in an extraordinary, high tech sound system, which is unique in the whole region.
    It's a high end, professional line array sound system.
    Programmed to create minimal noise disturbance on outdoor weddings, because contrary to traditional speakers, it emits the music predominantly to the front.
    It provides superb music quality, while the onboard technology focusses the music towards the dance floor and the area immediately surrounding and behind the dance floor.
    If your venue is at the seafront, ideally the music will be directed to the dance floor, and then towards the sea.
    The system also actively controls the basses and the volume.
    You can enjoy perfect, super high-quality dance music on the dance floor. At the same time, neighbours will still be able to sleep with minimal or no disturbance. 
    It's not a 100% absolute guarantee, but it reduces the risk of complaints severely.

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Open air wedding ( 1.3)

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Destination wedding party first dances

Wedding couple doing their first dance

The traditional 'first dances wedding etiquette' still stands, but mainly on very formal weddings.

Over time, parents often have new partners, or some are deceased, which potentially can create awkward situations.
Additionally, the wedding couple may also have less traditional views on the wedding.

But let us start with the proper first dance etiquette ;

  • First dance: the wedding couple
  • Second dance: Bride with her father ( or the person who gave her away ), groom with the bride's mother
  • Third dance: Parents of the bride, groom with his mother.

The dance party then really starts when the bride dances with the best man, the groom with the maid of honour and the parents of the bride and groom dance as a couple.
Followed by the bride who dances with the groomsmen and the groom dancing with the bridesmaids.

Eventually, all the wedding guests should have some time on the dance floor.

Remember that all of these traditions are editable. 
There may be variables that prevent tradition, such as a disabled or deceased parent. 

Remember that the main goal is for you and your guests to have fun.

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Party music after dinner (16.52)

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Open bar after dinner

Open bar after dinner

After dinner, drinks are served during the dance party in an "open bar", 

This means that for the contracted number of hours, a selection of drinks is included, unlimited.

This formula is much better and much cheaper than any other, such as a cash bar.

The open bar can be booked for 2, 3 or 4 hours.

On the wedding day, you can prolong the open bar for a maximum of 2 additional hours.

The prolongations are more expensive than the first hours. 

But in most venues, you only pay for the estimated number of guests remaining at the time of the prolongation.

A separate cocktail or even a molecular cocktail bar can also be added.

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Cocktail bar (16.55)

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Wedding cocktails bar

Costa Blanca Events bartender shaking cocktail during a wedding dance party.

The 'open bar' is by far the best option for the most chosen drinks, water, soft drinks, beer, wine, and long drinks, depending on the type of open bar you've chosen.

But a cocktail bar or molecular cocktail bar really adds to the wedding party experience.

Cocktail bar 
Before the wedding, you choose 4 cocktails from a list.
On your wedding day, guests can choose between these 4 cocktails.
During one hour, the cocktail bar is open, and the standard package includes 100 cocktails. Still, you can order additional cocktails at a low price per unit.

Molecular cocktail bar
The molecular cocktail bar is 'the talk of the town' on weddings, and is a sensation in your mouth when the pearl 'explodes' in a burst a flavour. 
An indeed 'wow' added to your wedding, either during the reception or during the dance party. 
The fixed price includes 50 pearls, and additional ones can be ordered before the wedding at the unit price for 50 pearls per flavour. 
The service is available during the drinks reception or the first part of the dance party until the ordered number of pearls is served, with a maximum duration of one hour.
Choice of; Mojito, Gin & Tonic, Tequila sunrise, Sex on the beach, Pinacolada or Cosmopolitan.

Cocktail bars can only be ordered in addition to the open bar, not as a replacement of the open bar.

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open bar (16.54)

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Moodbook images of guests taking photos in a photocol

A photocol is a setup where guests can take photos.

These photos can be used as a 'photo guest book'.
If so, guests write a wish on the back of the photo.
The photos are then hung in a wish tree, or on a drying line.

In most options, props are included, such as wigs, hats, boa's, glasses, etc.
Especially during the party, this can create some unforgettable images.

What are the options for a photocol?

  1. 1) XXL photo frame.
    This is the cheapest option which consists of a giant suspended photo frame and props.ÇGuests place themselves behind the frame, while another guest takes a photo with his or her smartphone, tablet or photo camera.Ç
    The photos cannot be printed on the spot.
  2. Professional photographer photocol.
    This service can be ordered as an upgrade to your wedding photography package.
    It's usually chosen as a wedding dinner guest welcome photoshoot.
    Guests are asked to pose as they arrive at the wedding dinner, and the photographer takes a photo of each couple.
  3. Sublimation photo printer
    A dedicated photo printer with wifi hotspot is rented for you.
    Guests can make photo's and connect to the printer via wifi to print their photos.
    This service has a fixed cost + a cost per package of photos.
    This service is usually ordered together with one or more of the above options.
  4. Selfie photo kiosk with printer
    With this fully automated photo maton, your guests can take selfies, and they're instantly printed in 10 x 15 cm format.
    They can then write a wish of the photo and hang it in a wish tree or 'laundry drying line.'
    It's also possible to make a 'Boomerang' a sort of mini video of 4 seconds.
    The service includes 3 hours of rent, with a technician and unlimited photo's.
    At the end of the service, the photo's are also delivered on a pen drive.

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Night snack

Examples of a night snack for weddings

When dancing and drinking, your guests are likely to want a warm, night snack, and it also prevents guests from getting (too) drunk.

We offer various options for a night snack, from sandwiches to hot snacks like hotdogs, hamburgers, etc.

Contrary to most of our services, this service is ordered per quantity, not per person.

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Night shuttle service

Guests getting on a night shuttle service at the end of the wedding dance party.

So how do guests get back to their accommodations?

In Spain, taxi's cannot be booked in advance, so it's always a big concern if on the wedding day a cab will be available when you're leaving the wedding.

A rental car could be an option, but since drinking and driving is a terrible idea, all drivers can only drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Another concern is that the majority of your guests won't know the region.
Some accommodations can be very difficult to find, even with navigation systems, and even more so during the night.

So, the best option is to organize a bus service for your guests.
We can order buses for 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24, 35 and 54 passengers, so there is always one that fits your group.
Each bus can have a maximum of 3 stops, providing that they're not too far apart.
That way, if your guests are staying in up to 3 different accommodations, we can arrange for one bus to bring them all back.
But usually, guests don't all leave at the same time.
Especially older guests may want to call it a night around 1 AM, sometimes even sooner.

So the best option is a shuttle bus service, which is booked during a pre-contracted number of hours.
The bus or buses are on standby at the venue to bring guests back to their accommodations.
We recommend planning scheduled departures, for example, each half-hour.

The number and size of the buses depend on the number of guests, the number of accommodations / drop off points and the accessibility of the venue ( some venues are not accessible to a 54 seater bus ).

Either way, it's essential to choose a service which allows for a return of all remaining guests at the end of the dance party, when the open bar stops.

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Wedding brunch

Moodbook photo of a wedding brunch

The day after the wedding, we're often asked to plan an informal lunch or brunch.
These meals are informal, without reserved seating.
The meals include water, soft drinks, beer and wine during the lunch, with a maximum of the duration as specified in the choice.
Unless otherwise specified in the wedding plan, guests need to come by their own means to the lunch or dinner.
We only organize the service, but no event coordinator is present.
Depending on the venue and number of persons the brunch is served in the public part or in a separate area of the venue.
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Activity or excursion

Wedding group taking a swim during a day-after-the-wedding catamaran excursion

It's nice to plan an activity or excursion to make the wedding experience even more complete.

According to wedding etiquette, each guest has to book and pay for himself, the wedding couple only offers organizes the activity.

Unless otherwise specified in the wedding plan, guests need to come by their own to the meeting point or activity, and the service is only planned.
No Costa Blanca Event event coordinator is present.

Boat excursions are always subject to weather conditions, and only the captain has the authority to cancel the trip if the weather conditions require so.

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Transfer to the airport

Guests getting on the bus for a transfer to the airport

For departures from Alicante airport, you can book an airport shuttle service via our unique link. 

These usually small buses have a maximum of 5 stops. 
Therefore it may be necessary to walk or take a taxi to one of the pick-up points. 
This depends on your accommodation chosen.

If 7 or more persons leave more-or-less at the same time, then we can book a private transfer for you, which will take you directly from your accommodation(s) to the airport. 
Prices for group transfers are always on request.

For Valencia airport only private transfers are possible, and prices are substantially higher than from or to Alicante airport.

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