General info about weddings abroad

Getting married abroad

Weddings abroad are a totally different experience. It's not just one day.
The experience starts as soon as you leave your home, heading for your wedding destination.

Over the years we've bundled hundreds of questions form wedding couples who considered a wedding abroad.
On this website, we've tried to answer all of them, but we're open to new questions.
If so, we'll add a topic to the website, so that future wedding couples can get even more answers.

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What is a destination wedding

A destination wedding is simply one that is celebrated in a place far from the home town of the wedding couple.

How far?
That depends, but basically far enough so that the wedding couple and their guests need to travel and stay overnight.

Sometimes that means just a few hours driving, but usually, it involves flights.

There are lots of reason why you would consider a destination wedding.

On these and the other pages of this website, we'll explain all about the

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Perfect weddings abroad

What defines a perfect wedding abroad?
The answer is simple, one that meets or preferably exceeds the wedding dream of the couple.
Though the concept is simple enough, dreams are hard to fulfil.

It takes meticulous planning and organisation.
Open and transparent communication.
Negotiating firm agreements with all venues and vendors.
Rigorous budget management.
A timeline that's rigorous enough to avoid delays or mishaps, but is still flexible enough to allow spur-of-the-moment decisions.
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Destination wedding ideas

Where to I start to tell you the best destination ideas?
To be honest, I can't because it all starts with the wedding dreams of the couple.

Planning a wedding is like a puzzle.
It's not a bunch of pieces laid flat on a table.
The pieces must fit together, make it a whole.
Then and only then do they compose a perfect wedding.

As wedding planners, we listen to the dreams of the wedding couple.

Then we add our ideas, suggestions, themes, decorations, experience, etc.
Over the weeks and months of planning, the puzzle gradually takes its final form, making the picture complete.

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Luxury destination weddings

We've planned and organised lots of luxury destination weddings.
We have lots of reviews from former wedding couples, testifying on their degree of satisfaction with our services.
Our venues and vendors, knowledge of the area, culture and language, makes Costa Blanca Events the ideal partner for luxury destinations weddings.

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Small destination wedding ideas

You don't have to organise a huge wedding abroad. If it's your dream to get married abroad, just with your closest family and friends, or even only the two of you, then that's fine too.

We always say that we're making your wedding dream, a dream wedding.

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Weddings abroad with kids

Inviting kids to your destination wedding is a very personal decision of the wedding couple.
Especially if you'll bring your own kids, it's going to be very difficult to not invite the kids of your guests.
It also depends on the number of kids in your group.
You'll probably want to somewhat control the number of kids since it will change the experience completely.

There is also the issue of school holidays, during which flights and accommodations can be significantly more expensive.
As a result, the total cost of your wedding can be higher, not only for you but also for your guests.

If you decide to invite kids, we can arrange baby sitters for you, who keep an eye on the kids during the ceremony, reception dinner and dance.

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Wedding guest abroad info

One of the critical elements of a successful and stress-free destination wedding is wedding guest abroad information.

Guests need to be able to plan their attendance well in advance.

It all starts with a 'save the date'.

We recommend to - right from the start - gives your guests the basic information about the planning, such as;

  • When; your wedding date 
  • Where; your wedding destination
  • Who; this includes, for example, if children are invited.
  • How; some basic travel info such as where to fly to, airport transfer, accommodation.
  • Before; any activities planned day(s) before the wedding, such as a welcome dinner.
  • After; any activities planned day(s) after the wedding, such as a brunch or excursion.

This info allows your guests to decide whether they're able and willing to attend if necessary, ask a few days leave from their work, etc.

Informing your guests, and answering their questions is not a part of the tasks of a wedding planner.

But at Costa blanca Events, we make even that very easy and stress-free for our wedding couples.

Our online wedding planner system Yoep-P takes care of it all.

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Destination weddings reviews

Planning a wedding abroad is a big step, and you want to make very sure that it'll be your dream wedding!

One, if not the best way to make sure that you've found the right person who can make your wedding dream, a dream wedding, is to read reviews.

At Costa Blanca Events, we've created dream weddings for hundreds of wedding couples from all over the world.

A lot of them have written a review on your Facebook page.

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Destination wedding website

The first step if you're considering a destination wedding is probably a search on the internet.

A website of a destination wedding planner, a venue or a vendor already tells you a lot.

Often websites don't tell the whole story, show few or even manipulated photos, no prices, etc.

If they offer such limited information, one could wonder what they're hiding.

At Costa Blanca Events, we love to be extremely open and transparent.

Give couples all the info they need to decide if they're interested in our services.

Offer them a free online chat, free online video calls with a wedding planner and respond to their e-mails within maximum 3 business days.

If we're that open and responsive before you've even contracted us, imagine what we'll do once we've started planning your wedding!

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