Wedding themes and decorations

Wedding decorations indispensable in any marriage
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This is a topic on which most brides have a clear idea, right from the start! It all starts with your choice of theme ( or a combination thereof ).

We've created mood books for the most chosen themes; less is more, vintage, boho chic, beach, crystal, greenery, wood and bling. But we welcome your mood book, for example on Pinterest, or send us photos of the style, theme and decorations you want, and we'll create it for you!

At Costa Blanca Events, we have a warehouse full of decorations, so we usually don't have to buy anything especially for you. This makes creating your dream wedding a lot easier and cheaper! 

We work with a very professional florist, who imports her flowers directly from the largest flower auction worldwide, in Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands. Beautiful, fresh flowers, just as you dreamt them on your wedding day!

The theme serves as a basis for all decorations on your wedding day.

Decoration of the wedding setting, reception, centrepieces for dinner, 'cosy corners', and much more.

The theme pack includes adapting the chosen wedding setting to your theme.

For dinner the theme includes ;

  • an easel with the dinner seating plan
  • table numbers if you have multiple tables
  • place holders
  • A table runner if you have chosen rectangular or imperial tables
  • a decorative non-flower centrepiece per 8 people. 

All decorations are chosen by us based on your venue, wedding setting and theme, and decorations available at the time of your wedding. 

We continuously invest in new decorations and replace older or missing ones. Therefore, unless you contract individual decorations, custom services and a wedding decorator, it is not possible to obtain more information or photos before your wedding. 

Apart from the theme, you can select a colour, so we can further adapt the decorations in the to your preference (if possible and subject to availability). The choice of colour has no impact on the cost unless you specifically instruct us to provide specific decorations or non-standard/available colours.

You can further enhance the theme with our choice of additional decorations, centrepieces, etc.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, decorations are removed at the end of the dinner.

Decorations brought by the bridal couple are always on request and not advisable. If you do want to bring your own decorations, they must be delivered to the venue no later then 3 hours before the ceremony. 

Only our team is allowed to place and remove decorations and other objects for which a surcharge is applicable. 

A dress code informs your guests of the style of the wedding and requests them to adapt their clothing accordingly. Choosing a dress code is not mandatory, but if you do, you can also select a colour preference.

Can't find what you're looking for then our custom decorations service is the way to go, since it makes, well, almost everything possible!

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