Yoep-P makes planning your attendance easy and stress free

Yoep-P makes planning your attendance easy and stress free
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Yoep-P is an online system which makes it very easy to plan your attendance to one of the weddings organised by Costa Blanca Events.

It's online, and therefore available 24/7, and saves a lot of time for the wedding couple, and for you.

As soon as the wedding couple adds a new family to their guest list, the system will e-mail you with the invitation and your username and password in Yoep-P. 

This messages may arrive in your spam box, or exceptionally, it may even be blocked by the spam filter of your e-mail system. This is beyond our control.

That's why the wedding couple can also enter your mobile phone number.

If so, Yoep-P has also sent you a text message with your username and password.

Finally, on Yoep-P.com, you can also use the 'forgot my password' function.

Once logged in, what can you do in Yoep-P?

  • Read the wedding couples' welcome word which contains information about travelling to the Costa Blanca, selected accommodations, etc.
  • RSVP
  • Submit for food intolerances and diet requirements
  • Book personal services
  • Advise the wedding planners of your speech, act or other surprises. ( very important and your surprise is safe with us )
Additionally, and even if you're not attending, we kindly ask for your help to make their wedding unforgettable.
During the weeks and months of planning, we'll get to know the couple a bit better, but not even close as good as you know them.
So, we ask you to answer a few questions about them;
  • In Yoep-P, when logged in, click on 'Important information'
  • Click on the 'edit' icon at the end of the line with your name.
  • Answer the questions about their childhood, studies, work, how they met, the proposal, hobbies, children and pets.
    Don't worry if you can't answer all questions. If you can't answer one, just put in an 'x'.
  • Important: Once submitted, for privacy reasons your answers are hidden for everyone. Even you will no longer be able to see or edit them.
  • We'll gather all the info ( sometimes disregarding spicy comments ) and use it to write the personal part of their ceremony.
  • Your answers are confidential, and can only be seen by us, so whatever you write, remains in our, ours only discretion. 
  • We thank you for your cooperation.

But first, in the next topic 'RSVP' we'll explain how to advise the wedding couple of your attendance, or that won't be able to make it. 


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