Yoep-P makes planning easy and stress-free

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Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your perfect dream wedding in Spain.

Planning a wedding usually means a lot of work and stress for the wedding couple.

Not so with Costa Blanca Events.

Yoep-P is an online wedding planner system, custom-designed and built for Costa Blanca Events. It's easy, fast and user friendly.

  • We get you started in Yoep-P during the 'start planning your wedding video call'.
  • The first step is to write a welcome text for your guests.
  • Then it's time to create your guest list.
  • Yoep-P will send a personalised e-mail to each newly added family. If you add their mobile phone, they will also receive a text message. The mail and text message contains the link and their username and password.
  • Guests can then login where they can read all relevant info to start planning their attendance on your welcome page.
  • Calling or e-mailing to R.S.V.P is no longer necessary, as your guests can do it within Yoep-P.
  • And they can set their diet requirements and preferences. They can even inform us that they don't like fish, and we'll serve them an alternative dish.
  • You can contact us, send a message, or make an appointment for a video call or a personal meeting.
  •  In Yoep-P version 2.0, the system also contains your wedding plan and detailed info and prices of all our services and options.
  • Your guests will only be able to book the services you've selected for them. You could, for example, allow them to accommodation, airport transfer, rental car, hairdresser, makeup artist, welcome dinner and so on.
  • Approximately one month before the wedding, we close the planning during a final video call.

So you see, Yoep-P relieves the wedding couple of a lot of work and stress!

Yoep-P makes it very easy and stress-free for your guests to plan their attendance.

Your venue and vendors also have online access, so they know what you want.

Because everybody is on the same system, it saves a lot of time for everyone.

For you, as a wedding couple, that means that we don't have to charge you a fixed wedding planner fee.

Everybody wins!

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