When do I need to pay for the wedding

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Our payment conditions are as transparent and straightforward as they're in the interest of our wedding couples. 
They're based on the agreements we've been able to negotiate with our venues and vendors, which has not been easy since we needed to balance everyone's interest.

Venue and vendors won't give you an option, or only for a few days. To block a date, they'll need your commitment.

Still, you'll want to keep the deposits minimal, to minimise the risk for you. 

At the time of booking ;

  • You only pay a security deposit of 1000 €.
  • Once the venue has confirmed in writing, we'll get you started during the 'start planning your wedding video call'.
  • If not, you can choose another date, another venue, or request a refund.

After the 'start planning your wedding video call.'

  • The first payment depends on the wedding arrangement you've chosen during the call ;
    • Cosy: 1000 €
    • Perfect: 2000 €
    • Fantastic: 2000 €
    • Exquisite: 3000 €
  • Some venues or caterers require a deposit. This is shown in your wedding script. If so, this deposit is added to your first payment.

We've made exclusive deals with most of our vendors so that you don't need to pay another deposit when you order their services.
However, once ordered and confirmed, modifying or cancelling is subject to a fee. 

6 months before the wedding

  • Balance of the chosen wedding arrangement ; 
    • Cosy: 699 - 1799 € (depending on the wedding date)
    • Perfect: 1650 - 2650 € (depending on the wedding date)
    • Fantastic: 2350 - 3350 € (depending on the wedding date)
    • Exquisite: 4000 € 

6 weeks before the wedding.

We plan the 'close planning your wedding video call.' 
After the call, approximately 4 weeks before the wedding, you'll need to pay the balance.

After the wedding
We refund the initial security deposit to you or use it for additional services you've ordered, like a prolongation of the open bar, additional photos, etc.

Intermediate payments

The only exception on all above is that personalised items or items specially bought on your instruction must be paid in advance.

How can I pay, and is it safe?

Again here, we think it's essential to offer safe options for payment.
Safe payment via Mollie, one of the leading international online payment systems.
Bank charges are at your expense, which is one of the main reasons why we work with Mollie, which for most payment methods has low payment fees.
If for whatever reason, you're not able to pay via Mollie, we can provide you with other payment options such as bank transfer, credit card and even PayPal, but additional bank charges of 3.5 % apply.

Is it possible to pay after the wedding?

Wedding venues and suppliers require all payments to be effected before the wedding day, because they must order and pay for their supplies, staff, etc.
Wedding day extra's, for example, a prolongation of the open bar can be paid on the wedding day.

Can I get an invoice from Costa Blanca Events?

Yes, of course. The invoice is available once the event has taken place, and all event services are delivered.

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