What if I want to change of venue or vendor

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A change of venue or vendor after it has been confirmed is scarce. Still, there are situations in which it can occur, either on the wedding couple's request, due to unavailability of the venue or vendor, or due to weather conditions or "Force Majeure".

There is no "one size fits all" solution.

For each case, a specific solution must be found, and possibly negotiated with the wedding couple and/or the venue or vendor.
That being said, let's look at some reasons why a change of venue or vendor could occur ;

( 1 ) The wedding couple for whatever reason wishes to change.

 In this case, our cancellation conditions, which are based on those of the venue or vendor apply.

( 2 ) Costa Blanca Events recommends a change of venue or vendor. 

Before we start working with a venue or vendor, we follow a procedure to check if they comply with our set quality standards and service levels, and respects all agreements.
A significant change in these requirements may cause us to doubt their services for future weddings.
If so, we feel it's our job to contact the wedding couple to recommend a change of venue or vendor.
Together with the wedding couple, we'll consider the options and make a decision on how to proceed.

( 3 ) Weather conditions

Even though the Costa Blanca has a very favourable climate, obviously here too, however, remote the chance, it sometimes rains, even in the summer.
Because of the proximity of mountains and sea, weather forecast are not very reliable until 48 hours before the event. Therefore, in the unlikely case of a forecast of rain, 48 hours before the event, we will contact the wedding couple, and suggest the available options. More info on our "what happens if it rains" page.

( 4 ) License issues

Most businesses require a business license, which is usually not limited in time, only subject to, for example, sanitary conditions.
However, some businesses, for example, beach venues require a temporary license, often issued for 1 or more years, and allowing the license holder to operate his company for a specific season, usually from May or June, until mid or end September.

Upon expiry, these licenses are often renewed to the previous holders. Still, the decision lies with the authorities, and the new permits are usually granted in April of the same year.

So what happens if you want to book a venue for a date after the expiration date of the venue's license?
Obviously, neither the wedding couple nor the owner of the venue can wait until April, for the new license to be issued.

Therefore, venue owners accept bookings, and confirm events, for dates even after the license has expired, but subject to the condition that the license is renewed. So what happens if the license is not renewed?
Then there are 3 options :

  • we negotiate the same deal with the new license holder because it's obviously also in their interest to start their business immediately with confirmed events.
  • We negotiate a different deal with the new license holder, which will then obviously be subject to acceptance by the wedding couple. 
  • If no agreement is reached, we'll suggest another, similar venue in the area.
    We'll try to respect the deal as much as possible, again subject to acceptance by the wedding couple.

( 5 ) Bankruptcy

This is of all above cases, which are already very unlikely, by far the most unlikely option; bankruptcy or closure of the venue or vendor, or force majeure.
In this case, we have no alternative, then to suggest another, similar venue in the area, or a comparable vendor and try to respect the deal as much as possible, again subject to acceptance by the wedding couple.

( 6 ) Force majeure

The Corona crisis of 2020 is an example of such a force majeure.
Early in the crisis, we've contacted all our venues, vendors and accommodations.
We've negotiated with them exceptional terms for postponement or cancellation of the planned weddings. 
Then we've created a special page on our website to keep our wedding couples informed.

We've asked our wedding couples to make an appointment for a video call to discuss all the options.

Either way, we prefer to anticipate and be prepared for all possible - however unlikely - situations.

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