What happens if it rains on your wedding day

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The chance of rain depends mainly on your chosen wedding destination.
However, even in destinations with very little chance of rain, like the Spanish Costa Blanca, the possibility of rain can never be excluded.

Therefore your wedding script should always include a 'plan B'.

This is just one of the things an experienced and professional wedding planner will do for you. He or she has the experience and contacts to activate a 'plan B' if the need arises.

At Costa Blanca Events, we start monitoring the weather forecasts days in advance. We're subscribed to a professional weather radar service, which allows us to carefully and precisely view if and where rain could fall.

As you can see on the climate and best wedding month page, the Costa Blanca has approx 300 days of sun per year.

Our most chosen venues are located in a small enclave between the sea and high mountains, which shields the area from clouds and rain.

Over the last 3 years, with an average of 40 weddings per year, we did not have any rain on any of the weddings we organised.

That being said, we don't control the weather, so there is always a remote chance of rain.

Due to the microclimate and the mountains surrounding the area, weather forecasts only become reliable about 48 hours before the wedding.

In case of a bad weather forecast we immediately contact the wedding couple to discuss the various options, which in turn depend on multiple factors ;

The number of persons attending the wedding also determines the options.
Obviously changing plans at the last minute is more difficult for large groups/weddings than for smaller ones.

So in deciding which solution is best, also the number of persons attending the wedding has to be taken into consideration.

Some venues also have indoor facilities, in which case moving the wedding indoors is a possible option.

Sometimes these indoor facilities need to be cleaned or organised, So we cannot postpone the decision until the wedding day itself, but the decision has to be taken 24-48 hours before.

If the venue has no indoor facilities, then hiring tents is often the right solution. 

The type and cost of them depend on the number of persons attending the wedding.

For smaller groups and a moderate rain forecast without strong winds, we usually rent professional Rapid Deployment Tents ( RDT's ).

These are cheap, fast to set up, and easy to move, even once installed.

If - as often is the case - contrary to the forecast, it doesn't rain, the RDT's are set up beside the setting as a precaution.

The bride can then arrive without tents, and the ceremony can start. In case of rain, our team then moves the tents rapidly above the wedding setting.

Hiring the tents, of course, imposes an extra - unforeseen cost, but this is only a small price to pay to be able to celebrate the wedding as planned.

These RDT's are often also rented to create shade in the summer. 

They're installed beside the wedding setting, and moved by our team as soon as the ceremony has started.

Changing the planning of the day :

When it rains here in the Costa Blanca, it often rains for only about 1 hour.

So, sometimes it's an option to change the timing of the day.

Obviously, this can only be done in agreement with the venue and all suppliers.

Sometimes it's even possible to change the day of the wedding. 

If all guests are there, and venues and all suppliers are available, it can even be an option to move the wedding one day forward or backwards.

And ultimately, the most extreme option is changing to another venue.

Of course, this will create a substantial cost in cancellation fees to the original venue. Still, it's an option that ultimately can also be considered.

What about the extra costs due to these changes?

We try to reduce these costs as much as possible, but sometimes they're inevitable.

Fortunately, nowadays there are wedding insurances available at a limited cost which included these costs, as well as cancellation of the wedding due to external factors.

Therefore, we always recommend contracting such insurance.

For a relatively small fee, all eventualities are then covered.

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