What are the best places for destination weddings

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The list of wedding destinations is endless, and which of them is the best for you depends on; your preferences, travel requirements, administrative requirements, ease of planning and of course, budget.

Your preferences;
Whereas most couples prefer an outdoor wedding in a sunny, seafront venue, others may prefer a mountain setting, vibrant city or a 'classical' destination such as Las Vegas.
The wedding couple may also have some personal preference, a special place from their childhood, or where they first met, etc.
Apart from these personal preferences, there are other important factors to consider ;
Ease of travelling to the destination ;
Which airlines, which airports, cost of airline tickets, transfer from airport to destination weddings, etc.
Choosing a destination which is difficult or costly to travel to may result in a part of your guests not attending.

Costs at destination ;
Accommodation and the cost of living can be costly in some destinations.
If so, guests may find attending your wedding too expensive.
Requirements and laws regarding civil weddings;
Each country has its own requirements for allowing civil weddings.
Service & flexibility or organising the wedding;
Are there local wedding planner organisations, and what service do they offer?
The necessity of pre-wedding travels;
Is it required for you to travel to the wedding destination to plan for your wedding? 
Often it's necessary to go to the destination to arrange for the marriage license, paperwork, etc...

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