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At Costa Blanca Events, you don't have to choose between a 'standard package' ( which usually is cheaper ) and a fully custom dream wedding.

We don't believe in wedding packages, because they don't offer the personal approach and flexibility needed for a wedding.
Instead, we've created 4 different wedding arrangements which include only the essential services for a wedding.

The services in the wedding arrangement are then upgraded, or additional services are added, based on your wishes and preferences.
We complete the plan for your dream wedding based on your choice of themes, colours, decorations, choice of menu, etc.

But we're there to help you make the right decisions!
If we're convinced that some choice you've made will not work, or that the timing is off, we'll tell you, and together search for a workable alternative.

Years ago, for example, we had a wedding couple who requested an ice cream cake for their end of June wedding, when in Spain temperatures can rise up to 30+ degrees.
In these conditions, an ice cream cake will start melting as soon as it's exposed to these temperatures.
So we've advised them that individual ice cream cakes, combined with a traditional - and possibly partially fake cake for the photos - would be a workable option.
On the wedding day, they were thrilled that they had taken our advice.

In our 'wedding arrangements' we've negotiated with venues and vendors a unique 'Spain weddings packages' deal' for all the services that are indispensable for a wedding.
Since those comprise the most significant part of the total cost of your wedding, you'll benefit from the 'package deal' price for a large part of your wedding.

Our wedding arrangements offer all the advantages of a fully customized wedding, but at 'package weddings in Spain' price.
We have 4 wedding arrangements to choose from ;

The is ideal for small, very intimate weddings up to a maximum of 10 persons attending.
It's very complete, with a limited need or possibility to upgrade or optional services.
You pay no fixed wedding planner fee.

Our perfect wedding arrangement is just what the name suggests. 
It includes all the essential services, so there is limited or no need to upgrade.
It includes the necessary support from a professional wedding planner, and you can order extra help if you want or need to.
To keep it simple, we've limited the number of upgrades and options.
You pay no fixed wedding planner fee.

Our Fantastic wedding planner arrangement offers the essential services, but with almost unlimited possibilities for upgrades and options.
Precisely the way other wedding planners would plan your wedding from scratch.
The main difference is that they charge thousands of Euros for their services, whereas we don't charge a fixed wedding planner fee.

If you're a V.I.P or celebrity or want to be one just for your wedding day than Exquisit is the way to go!
It all starts with a limousine with a driver awaiting you at Alicante airport.
And it continues that way, with every part of the wedding being like in the movies, presidential suite included.

Read all about each of our wedding arrangements on the respective pages via the links below ;

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Weddings in Spain packages