Weddings in Finestrat

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The village of Finestrat is located in the Marina Baixa zone, on the Costa Blanca and near neighbouring Benidorm, and about 40 km from Alicante and its International Airport.

The village of Finestrat and Cala Finestrat beach resort are both in the district.

The village is situated on the Puig Campana Mountainside with spectacular mountain views and off the Mediterranean coast. The traditional Moorish feeling of the charming town is colourfully decorated with houses and narrow streets. At the other hand, Cala Finestrat is becoming increasingly popular and has almost spread to Benidorm itself.

Finestrat Village Finestrat's old school charm has remained with a Moorish feeling and ancient monuments such as Finstrat's Castle from the 13th century, St. Bartholomew's Church from the 18th century, La Torre and Crist de Remai hermitage.

Bars and restaurants offering traditional Mediterranean cuisine and a variety of shops and services are spread throughout. Nearby, however, are all Cala Finestrat and Benidorm amenities and facilities.

The towns beach resort, Cala Finestrat, is just three kilometres from Benidorm and is very busy.

The resort provides a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops with sufficient amenities and services. In Benidorm is everything else that you need, conveniently accessible by bus and taxi.

For families and couples looking for a relaxing Beach Resort, Cala Finestrat is close to many activities and facilities.

There is an afternoon market for the arts and crafts in the summer months.

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