Weddings in Elche

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The magnificent city of Elche, which is beautifully surrounded by palm trees and covered by a very exotic climate. 

Elche is a beautiful small town in the region of Baix Vinalpo. 

This small river runs over Spain's Alicante province and divides the city into two parts. 

The area is known locally as Elx. 

Since Iberian times, Elche has been a vital civilization centre.

It's now the third biggest city in the Valencian Region.

When you get on foot through the Elche area, the massive Palm Grove, which creates a spectacular urban landscape of over 200,000 palm trees, takes you away. 

The Elche Palm Grove is, without a doubt Europe's best. 

If seen from a distance, they may look like a dense forest, but in reality, it is a part of a well-organized planting for farming purposes only.

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