Wedding venues in Spain on the beach

Photo of a ceremony of a couple getting married in Spain on the beach
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Getting married in Spain on the beach is a dream for many wedding couples, but it's not for everyone.

The choice of venue is more than 'the location' it's also the basis for the style of wedding.

Organising a very formal wedding on a beach is almost impossible.

Organising a very informal wedding in a high-end posh venue is equally impossible.

By definition, a beach venue has some limitations.

Toilets are in no way comparable to toilets in 'regular' venues.

Driving the ceremonial car right up to the aisle is usually impossible.

Ladies wearing high heels may find that to be a challenge on a sandy beach ( offering flip flops to them can solve that )

Dancing on sand is not as comfortable as on a regular dance floor.

Finally, in most civilised countries, the beaches are public domain, no one can claim a beach for a private event.

Accommodation is rarely within walking distance, so transportation is required.

That being said, our Exclusive Paradise Cove beach venue offers a perfect balance between these restrictions and a fairy tale dream wedding.

But we also have some stunning seafront or sea view venues.

They have all the advantages of a beach venue but without the limitations.


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