Wedding insurance abroad

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One of the first things to consider is contracting wedding insurance because most companies only allow you to do this within a few days of booking your wedding.

We always recommend our couples to contract one.
It's like fire insurance, you normally don't need it, until the day that you do.

Imagine for example, that you or a close relative gets sick, or has an accident shortly before the wedding.

Or any other unforeseeable event occurs which requires you to postpone or even cancel the wedding.

This would already create a big disappointment, and insurance makes sure that no financial consequences are added.

Some policies even cover the extra cost of changes in the plan if it rains on your wedding day ( which in Spain is extremely rare ) 
There can be vast differences between different companies and policies, so it's essential to compare.

The cost of wedding insurance is very acceptable.
To avoid a conflict of interest, we don't offer wedding insurances, but we do recommend contracting one.

We also advise you to recommend your guests to book travel insurance.

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