What are the tasks and responsibilities of a wedding coördinator?

Wedding coordinators at work during a wedding
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On the wedding day, a wedding coordinator is your sole contact person.

He or she ensures that the wedding plan and agreements made with the wedding couple, venue and vendors during the weeks and months of planning with the wedding planner, are followed. 
He makes sure that all goes according to plan, and helps the bride and groom when needed.
He accompanies guests and guides them throughout the day.

The number of wedding coordinators required depends on the number of guests attending your wedding, and on the complexity of the wedding plan.

It's essential to make your guests feel welcome, which is obviously not possible when no one within the organisation speaks their language.
Therefore, unless you can appoint someone in your group to act as a liaison between the wedding coordinator(s) and these guests, a translator is required.

Some, especially beach venues, only have limited or only temporary sanitary facilities. In that case, or if there is less then 1 toilet per 30 guests, a toilet attendant is mandatory. 
Even if not mandatory, for large groups, we recommend a toilet attendant in all venues, so that during the event, the toilets remain clean.

Most venues and event caterers have their own waiters and barmen. 
Still, if you have chosen a private venue or your catering does not include service staff, then we need to order them for you. 

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