Wedding cake, cupcakes or designer cakes

When you get married in Spain you cut the cake with a sword!
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The wedding cake is a very traditional part of the wedding day, and oh so delicious!

But what are the options?

  1. a multi-tier wedding cake.
    The most traditional one is a (big) multi-tier cake, which in Spain is traditionally cut with a sword!
    A wedding cake is ordered for a specific number of persons, which not necessarily corresponds with your number of guests.
    You can order a huge cake, which exceeds your number of guests, or a tiny 'cutting cake' and combine it with individual cakes.
    So how to decide on the number of portions for your cake?
    To make it easy for you, we've created a wedding cake size and portions reference card.
    The style, colour and decoration of the cake are adapted to your theme and preferences.
    For a small fee, the cake can be equipped with a 3-dimensional decoration with sugar letters, chocolate, marzipan, or even an ornament.
    And you can bring your cake topper too, but do let us know the diameter of your topper so that it fits on your cake.
  2. Individual designer cakes
    Our 'Pasteles del Mediterraneo'= Pastries from the Mediterranean, are individual designer cakes.
    You can either order one, or a different one for men and women, or a mix of 6 different ones to place on a buffet.
    If you go for a buffet, you need to order at least 10% extra cakes, so that the last guest is not left with just one cake to choose from.
  3. Cupcakes
    Cupcakes are small cakes made per person.
    They consist of a cake, with buttercream and decoration on top.
  4. individual mini cakes
    These are approximately 3 x 4 cm, so just one bite and one portion includes 2,5 mini cakes.
    So for 100 persons, well order 250 mini cakes in different styles and flavours.
    That way, each guest can taste a few different ones.
    They're either served in the middle of the table, or on a buffet. 

When is the wedding cake served?
That, of course, depends on the wishes of the couple.
Traditionally, the cake is served as a dessert after dinner, before the party starts. Still, some couples want the cake to be served during the reception after the ceremony.
The individual options are usually combined with a small wedding 'cutting' cake which the wedding couple then cuts with a sword.

Is it possible to provide an ice cream cake?
Due to the high temperatures and the time it will take to cut and serve an ice cream cake, we cannot offer this option.
But we do have an alternative to ice cream cake lovers.
We can order mini-ice-cakes. Small works of art that should not be cut and should not be taken so far in advance of the fridge.
The bride and groom get a mini ice-cutting cake and below are the mini ice-cakes displayed.

Can we do a tasting first?
You need to order approximately 2 weeks in advance, and the tasting cake has a small cost.
You choose the flavours you want to taste, and we make sure that they are ready for you.

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