Travel and accommodations

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On average, guests will stay for 3 nights at your wedding destination, usually arriving one day before the wedding. Day two often is the wedding day, and on day 3 they can relax (and sober up), do an excursion, see the sights, ... and fly back home or the next day.

These guests will often arrive and leave more or less at the same time, often even with the same flights, which makes it possible to make a group deal for flights and transfers.

Most airlines offer a group rate from 10 or more passengers onwards, where the price is usually not different from the 'normal' one, but a requested number of seats are blocked at the agreed price, until x weeks before departure.

During that time, your guests can 'book' their flights through you, without risking prices changes or unavailability.

Then, at the agreed x weeks before departure, you send the final passenger list to the airline. 

We can arrange for a group transfer from the airport directly to the accommodation(s).

This arrangement makes it very easy and stress-free for your guests to travel to your wedding destination.

However, often guests have a different agenda, arriving days before, or staying days after the wedding, which makes it impossible for them to enter your group arrangement.

In that case, they can book flights on their own, and book an airport transfer or rental car through our online systems.

Either way, according to wedding etiquette, you, as wedding couple are not responsible for the travel arrangements of your guests, nor do you have to pay for them-

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Travel and accommodations