Transport for guests

Transport for guests to the wedding
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Unless all guests are staying within walking distance of the venue, making sure that all guests arrive in time for the ceremony is definitely a challenging topic in destination weddings.

In Spain, taxi's cannot be booked in advance, so it's always a big concern if on the wedding day a cab will be available, and on time for you to arrive at the meeting point.

A rental car could be an option, but since drinking and driving is a terrible idea, all driver can only drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Another concern is that the majority of your guests are unfamiliar with the region, and some venues can be challenging to find, even with navigation systems.
Even drivers of express parcel services often need to call because they cannot find a location.

So, the best option is to organize a bus service for your guests.

We can order buses for 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24, 35 and 54 passengers, so there is always one that fits your group.

Each bus can have a maximum of 3 stops, providing that they're not too far apart.
That way, if your guests are staying in up to 3 different accommodations, we can arrange for one bus to pick them all up. 

The bus will then bring your guests to the meeting point.

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