Test hair and make up for the bride

Hairstylist doing test hair and make up for the bride
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As the bride, you obviously want to make sure that you will look at your best on your wedding day.

Our hairdresser and makeup artist can create that perfect look for you.

But she'll need to know beforehand what you want, and the time required.

Therefore, if the bride wants to book beauty services, a test is mandatory and is done one or more days before the wedding. 

The place, date and time are confirmed shortly before the wedding. 

You can also order an additional test, some weeks or months before the wedding.

This additional test does not replace the one shortly before the wedding since your hair length may be different.

It's also a good idea to refresh your and the hairdresser's memory. 

After the test, everything is returned to normal, so that the hairstyle and makeup remains a secret.

Please always bring a photo of the desired hairstyle and makeup to the appointment. 

Please also bring your hairpieces and accessories.

We recommend to bring your own lip gloss so that you can apply the same later during the day., and if you're allergic to some types of makeup, we recommend to bring your own.

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