Table distribution

Example of table distribution and table numbers
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The table distribution is how the tables will be set for your wedding dinner. It determines 4 things ;

  1. The type of tables ( banquet, rectangular, imperial and presidential ), 
    You can choose between the available types which are included in the venue or catering.
    You can also decide to order us to rent other tables and chairs for you.
  2. The number of tables.
    The number of tables is determined by your guest list and within the availability of the venue.
  3. The way the tables are placed in the venue
    The distribution cannot be chosen randomly, because it depends on the available space in the venue.
    Table 1 is always the table of the wedding couple and is placed in the best position in the venue, facing your guests.
    Then, even table number, starting with table number 2, is placed on one side of table 1, and odd table numbers, starting with table number 3 on the opposite side.
    So, the higher the table number, the further the table will be from the wedding couple's table.
  4. The seating plan for your guests.
    Based on the above, you can create your dinner seating plan in Yoep-P, our online platform.
    That's easy, and all you need to do is to assign a table and chair to each confirmed guest.
    But to save time, we recommend making a small card with his or her name for each guest.
    Then, make the layout on your table and shift the cards until you're satisfied.
    When done, write the table name and chair on each card.
    Finally, enter the table numbers and chairs in Yoep-P.

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