Step-by-step planning of your wedding in Spain

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One of the many advantages we offer our wedding couples is step-by-step planning. 

No thirteen-to-the-dozen package where you have to decide everything at once.

Instead, our couples choose from an extensive list of services for whom we've negotiated exceptional deals with venues and vendors.

And they do so at their own pace, in order of importance.

If a colossal wedding cake is essential for you, then you'll probably want to order it early in the planning process, so that it's part of your confirmed budget.
On the other hand, if a cake is of minor importance to you, you'll postpone ordering it, maybe even until 6 weeks before the wedding, when we close the planning. Then, based on your remaining budget, you can still decide to order the vast or just a tiny cake.

But right from the start, from the first contact, our wedding couples have access to our full online catalogue, with detailed information and prices of all our services.

So they know the price of each service, and what it precisely includes, even if they won't order it until much later in the planning.

That's one of the many ways in which we avoid disappointments for our wedding couples.

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